About the ICHCAP Online Community Site

The main objective of the ICHCAP Online Community is to facilitate interaction, enhance connectivity, and consolidate information for all the members of various networks that ICHCAP has established. The site easily provides all the latest information available. A quick registration is required. Once registered, members can upload documents pertaining to relevant events, conferences, and reports. Consultation is also available for everyone in the networks. To use the site effectively, the following tools are activated.

The Groups tool allows live interaction. It enables members to follow any thread of discussion and participate remotely in any conference available through the portal as well as instant feedback on any topic. Each thematic network of ICHCAP has established Group pages with categorized discussions, file sharing, and many more features.

The Directory tool contains all information, ranging from ICH related individuals and organizations’ contact details, location, areas of work. and interest. This tool also enables members to select and download academic researches, reports, event information, and any multimedia files.

If you have questions, you may refer to our FAQ tab or send an inquiry to the site manager through the Contact Form.

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