Organization - Adivasi Resource Development Organization (ARDO)

Adivasi Resource Development Organization (ARDO)
Basic Information
English Adivasi Resource Development Organization (ARDO)
Local language Achik Gamrangko Prakatani Organization
Country Bangladesh
Category Community Based Organisation
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Function Documentation
Education and Training
Established year 2011
  • Promote Education in mother tongue, Culture and Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Promote human and land rights of indigenous people
  • Promote livelihoods and employment of indigenous people
  • Promote primary health care, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.
  • Improve life of indigenous people with disabilities.
  • Build capacity of indigenous people on management of environment and climate change and disaster.
  • Promote access to decent and improved homes for the poor indigenous people

Adivasi (Indigenous) Resource Development Organization (ARDO) is a Community Based Social Welfare and Development Organization founded in 2006 by some elites and concerned people of Garo indigenous community to operate research, development and human rights activities for the Adivasi (Indigenous) people and other ethnic minority groups. ARDO is committed to promote the rights of indigenous peoples to education, culture, land, economic, health, religion and human rights. Especially it emphasizes on the rights of women and children of the indigenous community. It is registered under the Department of Social Welfare of the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh in 2011 and its registration number is Ma-1852.

Major Activities


  1. Education Program

ARDO aims to promote education in mother tongue for the children of indigenous people. As part of this, ARDO works to run education in Garo language program for Garo children in Pre and Primary level which runs in 18 Primary Schools of Dhobaura Upazila in collaboration with Caritas Mymensingh and Garo Baptist Convention (GBC). Through the program the Garo children of Primary Schools are learning lessons in their own language.

Besides, ARDO conducts advocacy to Government with other NGOs through attending different workshops to include the program of education in mother tongue for the indigenous children with National Program. It can be mentioned here that Mr. Basor Dango is involved with National Curriculum Text Book Board (NCTB) to develop learning materials for Garo Children of Pre-Primary and Primary level.

  1. Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Program:

Indigenous people have very rich culture and cultural heritage, distinct social structure and customary laws. In order to preserve and protect their culture and heritage ARDO works to make aware Garo People and provide them opportunity of practicing culture through formation of 10 Village Cultural Teams (VCT). These teams exercise their cultural activities/items and events themselves in their own villages and society.  Through songs, dance, poems, folk songs, traditional festivals and histories indigenous children, youths and people of indigenous community are learning about their culture.

Besides, ARDO arranges cultural festivals, events and competitions for children, youth and community people so that they can learn about the history, traditions and values of their own culture. ARDO also arranges publication of leaflets and booklets on cultural traditions.

  1. Human rights development program:

ARDO used to arrange different programs to promote the human rights of indigenous people.

  • Group Activities: ARDO formed Village Rights Development Committees (VRDC) in ten villages and one Forum within Upazila Level and encourages them to practice human rights and democracy among them.
  • Capacity building: In order to make aware the indigenous people on different rights such as human rights, child rights and land rights ARDO arranges training & seminars on human rights, land rights, child rights & leaderships and day observations in order to build capacity of the indigenous people and children towards organizing advocacy networking activities with the government on their rights.

4. Livelihood Development Program: This intervention is required to continue towards promoting and protecting indigenous culture and human rights. But we need support to continue running this activities. So, we request to everybody to support us.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Idilpur Bazar P.O: Kakraid Modhupur, Tangail, Bangladesh
Tel +88 01715479957

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