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Aigine Cultural Research Center
Basic Information
English Aigine Cultural Research Center
Local language Айгине Маданий Изилдөө Борбору
Country Kyrgyzstan
Category UNESCO-Accredited NGO General NGO
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 2005

Aigine CRC aims to introduce classes and subjects on traditional knowledge, spiritual heritage and the interconnections of culture and nature into high school and university curricula. Aigine CRC aims to safeguard and develop traditional knowledge and practices, spiritual and religious teachings, rituals and traditions related to sacred sites and shared by the diverse ethnic groups living in Kyrgyzstan.

Aigine CRC implements activities directed at protection and legal recognition of sacred sites and ensures the rights of their guardians. It builds networks of practitioners and bearers of traditional knowledge at local, regional and international levels, and it works to safeguard and transmit forms of traditional cultural expression.


The ancient Kyrgyz word “aigine” means both, “clear” and “clarifying”. Our mission is directly connected with the conceptual integrity of this word.

The Aigine Cultural Research Center was established in 2004 as a public foundation. The Center carries out activities in the fields of traditional knowledge, education, humanities and social research. Our activities are directed at studying, developing and integrating traditional wisdom with contemporary life and aiming to incorporate the positive potential of traditional wisdom in decision-making at all levels of public and political life.

Aigine CRC seeks points of rapprochement and interconnection among spirituality and science, nature and culture, tradition and innovation, West and East, and other domains that are often seen as opposed.

Our leadership philosophy is to build diverse platforms for many people to think through, design and incubate their projects. Our project ideas mainly develop from the issues raised by local community members and are implemented with their proactive participation.

Major Activities

Mapping the Sacred Geography of Kyrgyzstan

The Sacred Geography of Kyrgyzstan is a compilation covering more than 1075 sacred sites throughout the country with geographical locations, descriptions and oral histories. This is a unique mapping project that provides a comprehensive approach to understanding spiritual and cultural heritage of Kyrgyz people, first of all, to Kyrgyz people themselves and then to other people interested in local culture and traditions. Aigine CRC spent ten years researching sacred sites and traditional knowledge in all parts of Kyrgyzstan in order to provide comprehensive understanding of its Sacred Geography. The data collected during these studies has been published in ten books. Materials on Sacred Geography have been introduced into the national school curriculum.

Safeguarding the Epic Heritage

Aigine CRС has supplied more than one thousand high schools and universities throughout the country with 67 hours of DVD recordings of the Kyrgyz epic trilogy “Manas, Semetei, Seitek”. This digital video compilation is the only large-scale contemporary version of the epic performances. Aigine CRC has recorded and produced that by work with 15 contemporary reciters. Now, thousands of young people throughout the country have access to live epic performance and are able to study and further safeguard cultural heritage.

Record-Breaking Ensemble of 1001 Komuz Players

Aigine CRC’s project on Transmitting Traditional Music started in 2009 with publication of a book on the traditional method of playing komuz based on the authorial system of Nurak Abdrakhmanov, the greatest Kyrgyz musician (1947-2014). It was followed by teaching seminars for music school teachers, in which 36 teachers were trained. In turn, they each trained a number of their own apprentices. As a result, within 3 to 5 years, under Aigine CRC’s careful guidance, the network of 36 music school teachers grew into an ensemble of 1001 komuz players. At the opening of the World Nomad Games in 2016, our record-breaking ensemble of 1001 komuz players magnificently performed the melody Mash-Botoi. The small project grew into a nationwide network of musicians of all ages from ages 8 to 74 and became an example of sustainable traditional education.

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