Basic Information
Local language AJIYER
Country Bangladesh
Category Government-Affiliated Organization
Domain Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Function Promotion
Established year 2002

Our objective is to enlighten beautiful Bangladeshi culture and spreading colour throughout the world; create quality products and various art objects directly related to the ecological livelihood of the people which should sell on their own strength and not because they were being made in a poverty stricken land by people who badly need a source of income to create opportunity for the artisans.

It is generally believed that a business has a single objective; to make profit. But it cannot be the only objective of business. Because we believe any business unit cannot ignore the interests of its employees, customers, the community, as well as the interests of society as a whole.


AJIYER means TODAY in the traditional language of Chittagong, Bangladesh and keeping today’s memories alive for tomorrow is our mission.  We firmly believe in the preservation of our intangible culture, community development and environmental sustainability. With focus in these areas local artisans will compete in the global market and so enjoy the security that prosperity brings.

AJIYER offers an opportunity to engage in Bangladeshi culture, craft and biodiversity with the aim of safeguarding our intangible culture and enhancing the livelihood of our rural communities. As a result, together we honor the living culture, knowledge, skills and rituals whilst revitalizing the traditional industries.

AJIYER started its journey in 2002 as a fair trade tour operator in Bangladesh, focused on Intangible Culture and Community Based Tourism.  AJIYER is the tour host of Meet the People Tours, a joint venture between Traidcraft, the UK’s leading fairtrade organization and Saddle Skedaddle, an independent tour operator. As a pioneer of Intangible Cultural (IC) & Community Based Tourism (CBT) in Bangladesh, AJIYER’s core activity is to develop a market for IC & CBT that also includes sustainable development goals.

AJIYER shares concern and support for local agriculture, rural development, empowerment of women and ethical trade practices. In line with this support, we develop, promote and popularize handwoven textiles and handmade craft products within and outside Bangladesh, creating opportunities for many young artisans.

Major Activities

No business can prosper in the long run unless fair wages are paid to the employees and customer satisfaction is given due importance. Again a business unit can prosper only if it enjoys the support and goodwill of people in general. Business objectives also need to be aimed at contributing to national goals and aspirations as well as towards international wellbeing. So in brief our Social & economic activities are-

  • Generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the wellbeing of host communities, improves working conditions and access to the industry;
  • Networking communities to promote exchange of information and dissemination
  • Development, Marketing and promotion of products and services;
  • Development of cultural products and services;
  • Generating positive economic and social development impacts in rural areas.
  • Capacity building and training.
  • Representing interests of the CBT industry in Bangladesh, regionally and internationally and attracting capital investment
  • As a part of its continuous efforts for developing community based tourism products in the rural areas of Bangladesh
Contact Information (Organization)
Address 6/8,Sir Syed Road Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
Tel +8801711520605

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