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Ak Shumkar KUT
Basic Information
English Ak Shumkar KUT
Local language Ак Шумкар КУТ
Country Kyrgyzstan
Category General NGO
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Documentation
Education and Training
Established year 2005

Preservation and continuation of traditions using modern forms of knowledge transmission


The Kyrgyz youth organization Ak Shumkar KUT was created as a spiritual school. Over 2000 thousand young people from all over the country took part in its discussion club, which held talks and practices related to the spiritual culture of Kyrgyz people. Ak Shumkar KUT was the first youth organization working to promote traditional knowledge among young people.  With more than 30 permanent operatives, the organization still follows the same mission today as it has since 2004.

Major Activities

In order to spread Kyrgyz traditional knowledge among youth, Ak Shumkar KUT engages in several main projects.

Its project “Nark” aims for the formation of a general course on traditional knowledge in schools. Within the framework of this project, a curriculum was developed consisting of 11 lessons, the topics of which eventually reveal a conceptual understanding of the whole life and values of the nomadic culture. During the lessons, the participants build their interactive map, or “Tree of Life,” which is based on three elements: humanity, nature, and culture. The principles of the map construction provide a panoramic vision of traditional knowledge and their role in the relationship between man and the environment. Thus, the program acts to elaborate the consciousness of schoolchildren through teamwork and awareness of their involvement in the common activity. The course also encourages young people to develop such personal qualities as responsibility, honor, dignity, collectivity, sociability, ​and creativity.

The organization also maintains a project for the development of multimedia products through technical tasks. This initiative is aimed at bringing digital, thinking youth closer to both existing problems and traditional knowledge. Subsequently, such traditional knowledge is implemented in informational and educational animated films and applications. The project is working on the epic “Manas,” which is relayed to a mobile application and to animated film based on specially prepared content.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 2a, Shabdan Batyr str., Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Tel + 996 703 051 456, + 996 778 888 749

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