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Akmola regional museum of Local History
Basic Information
English Akmola regional museum of Local History
Local language «Ақмола облыстық тарихи-өлкетану музейі» КММ
Country Kazakhstan
Category Government Agency Museum
Domain Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1920

The main objective of the museum is to organize research, cultural and educational activities related to the systematic study, promotion and preservation of historical and cultural monuments of the Akmola region.


Akmola Regional Museum of Local History founded in 1920. It is one of the oldest in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is located in a historical and architectural building in the center of Kokshetau. The museum has 6 departments as follow;

  • Research department of funds registration
  • Research department of general history, archaeology and ethnography
  • Research department of nature and ecology
  • Department of scientific and methodological support
  • Exposition and exhibition department
  • Excursion-mass department

The regional museum possess more than 82,000 items and some of the best objects are exhibited in the following halls:

  • Abylay Khan Hall;
  • Ancient history and Middle Ages;
  • History of Akmola region in the XIX century;
  • History of Akmola region in the XX century;
  • Hall of modern history “Elbasy zhane Tauelsizdik”;
  • “A window to nature.”

In the exhibition hall, expositions are held on a variety of topics, both from the funds of the museum and the works of artists from the Akmola region as well as from other regions of Kazakhstan.

Major Activities

Researchers are constantly working on finding and collecting museum items to replenish the museum funds. Every year, employees of the regional museum take part in archaeological expeditions and participate in complex historical and ethnographic expeditions in the districts of the region. In total, since 2005, 16 districts of the Akmola region have been explored and 1,500 objects of museum value have been collected.

On the basis of the regional museum, it operates a consultative body – the Scientific and Methodological Council, which is composed of well-known scientists, professors, doctors, and public figures. Researchers are working on cataloging the main museum collections and systematization and attribution of the most valuable museum items. Museum workers organize an exchange and traveling exhibitions; sightseeing, theme tours; talks, lectures, museum lessons.


Contact Information (Organization)
Address 35 Kalinina str., Kokshetau City, Kazakhstan
Tel +7 (716 2) 25 58 61, +7 (716 2) 25 71 08
Fax +7 (716 2) 25 58 61

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