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Amrita Performing Arts
Basic Information
English Amrita Performing Arts
Local language អម្រឹតាសិល្បៈ
Country Cambodia
Category International Organization
Domain Performing Arts
Function Education and Training
Established year 2003
  1. To develop the performance and choreography skills and artistic leadership of Cambodian artists in order to continue to strengthen and develop the rich performing arts scene in Cambodia;
  2. To utilize and build on Cambodia’s unique traditional artistic resources to facilitate the creation of new full-length pieces of contemporary Cambodian choreography;
  3. To strengthen relations with potential organizations and partners and identify opportunities to present Cambodian works internationally in order to promote international recognition of Cambodia’s performing arts;
  4. To create opportunities for artists to support their living economy in the arts;
  5. To continue to ensure our financial sustainability in both identifying potential international support for the commissioning of new works through foundations and private donors, and developing our income generating activities through production;
  6. To initiate capacity building in production and theatre management for Cambodian nationals;
  7. To facilitate and strengthen connections in the arts community locally, regionally and internationally through continuing to actively participate in various local and international performing arts networks, building stronger relations with international collaborators, and supporting opportunities for collaboration and cross-cultural exchange;
  8. To foster new ways of experimentation, artistic interpretation, and expression among professional performance artists, teachers, and students;
  9. To support international collaborations in the forms of exchange workshops and new creations;
  10. To act as a source of support in continuing to develop a high standard of quality in the production of all aspects of Cambodian theatre and dance.

Founded in July 2003, Amrita contributes to the revival and preservation of Cambodia’s traditional performing arts. Amrita Performing Arts produces new works of dance and theater that tour nationally and internationally. Amrita works with a new generation of artists who were trained in Khmer classical forms. Through a series of workshops and exchanges, these artists are enabled to explore the evolution of contemporary Cambodian dance. In addition, Amrita is one of the leading production institutions, producing festivals, performances and tours for a variety of other institutions within Cambodia and beyond. With the production management expertise, Amrita also contributes to capacity building in this field through training courses and apprenticeship programs. As a recognized contact point of Cambodia, Amrita actively facilitates local, regional, and global networking in the performing arts and participates in various discourses in the field of arts and culture. Amrita continues to provide artistic, technical, and logistic support to artists, students, and faculty members of government, including employed and independent artists.

Major Activities
  • Producing: Amrita produces works of dance, theater, music, and circus in collaboration with performing arts institutions and artists. The goal is to present high-quality mounted productions to the general public for artistic and cultural appreciation.
  • International Performances/Collaborations: Amrita looks for and coordinates opportunities with international presenters and artists to create performing arts projects for Cambodian artists.
  • Artist Development Program: Amrita provides platform and identify opportunities (such as international residencies and workshops) for Cambodian artists trained in the classical forms to explore and develop their capacity in choreography and artistic leadership. These artists are part of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and capacity building for them contributes to the development of the bourgeoning performing arts sector of Cambodia.
  • Networking and Discourse: Amrita is a member of several international performing arts networks, where it connects and participates in national and international dialogues on issues in artistic and culture practices and policies. Networking and Discourse earns Amrita opportunities and knowledge in conceptualizing and implementing other activities above.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address #128G9, Sothearos Blvd, Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkarmon Phnom Penh, Cambodia 12301
Tel (+855) 23- 220-424

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