Organization - An organization of people’s action for socio-cultural and economic development(LOSAUK)

An organization of people’s action for socio-cultural and economic development(LOSAUK)
Basic Information
English An organization of people’s action for socio-cultural and economic development(LOSAUK)
Country Bangladesh
Category General NGO
Domain Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1987
  • To develop LOSAUK as a cultural institute for development of training through indigenous culture and theatre
  • To impart issue based social education and grow awareness
  • To promote folk culture and indigenous artistes
  • To equip LOSAUK Laboratory Theatre for skill development in the field of social and cultural activities
  • To undertake research on theatre for development and development of theatre, education and human resource

LOSAUK is an organization that works for social and cultural development. The organization is registered as a voluntary non government organization with NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh. A few like-minded persons initiated to form the organization and Dr. Nazmul Ahsan is the founder. LOSAUK emphasizes on awareness and advocacy programs for social mobilization and social development as well as it conducts research for publication.

Culture is one of the strong components of the organization and LOSAUK believes in change through culture. The organization has been working for the development of indigenous cultural artistes in order to conserve the tradition of indigenous culture for its present use. LOSAUK has worked for the rights of Jatra (rural popular drama) artistes and formed a guild through co-operative system.

The organization promotes the old tradition, culture, music and song through search and initiates to bridge the gap with a view to introducing non urban culture and artistes to the urban people. Community cultural performance and research as well as training are equally important to LOSAUK and the organization promotes community cultural performance as well as imparts training to the interested activists through workshops. Working with transgender community and exploration of their culture, LOSAUK has developed a district based networks for exploring their culture, tradition and holds yearly cultural events for accreditation to all sections of community and societal people.

Major Activities

LOSAUK works through projects and sometimes works through its own initiative and management. It is important to promote human development and mobilization works through culture and therefore the organization has conducted a good number of life oriented non formal education courses which created an impact among the underprivileged community people.

Theatre for development (TFD) is one of the strong programs of LOSAUK for capacity building and carrying social mobilization of grass root cultural organizations and people. LOSAUK conducts TFD certificate courses and side by side the organization gives priority to research in order to develop social education, indigenous culture and better livelihood of local artistes.

The organization takes the initiative for promotion of social and cultural awareness program in form of social therapy and behavioral change and communication marketing. Promote the rural popular drama Jatra and the rights of Jatra artistes have not been overlooked. Bimonthly, quarterly programs were quite frequent but now it has become yearly program and is held occasionally for the lack of state patronization. LOSAUK now works for establishing the rights of transgender community and explores their culture through performance.

Cultural events are quite frequent and they participate spontaneously. Rendering service and training to network members as well as to other partner organizations, LOSAUK holds workshops and training programs to sharpen the skill of the trainees. LOSAUK maintains a good rapport with other community based organizations and networks for promotion and animation of local culture through research and performance.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 2, Farazipara Road, Khulna-9100, Bangladesh
Tel +8801711345386
Fax +88041725940

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