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Archaeological Museum of Tagaung
Basic Information
English Archaeological Museum of Tagaung
Local language
Country Myanmar
Category Museum
Established year 2008
  • To learn from the various kinds of historical evidence of the region;
  • To gain knowledge of the region from the display artifacts;
  • To progress in historical findings based on knowledge of past and present evidence;
  • To learn about Myanmar’s great history from excavated evidence in the region.

Tagaung Ancient City is located in Ayarwaddy’s eastern bank, 137 miles from Mandalay’s north, Thabeikkyin Township, Pyinoolwin district, Mandalay Division. On September 1, 2008, the Archaeological Museum of Tagaung opened to the public. The admission fee for foreigners is 5,000 kyats and admission is free for locals. Displays from the pre-historic period, the proto-historic period, and the historic period include 344 stone artifacts, 171 bronze artifacts, 118 iron artifacts, 2 gold artifacts, 46 silver artifacts, 764 earthenware artifacts, 33 glaze artifacts, 3 bone artifacts, 8 wooden artifacts, 6 lacquerware artifacts, 2 replicas, or 1,494 total items. There is also a replica of Tagaung City and places, where 735 artifacts are stored.

Major Activities

Staff members provide explanations and educate researchers, students, institutions, locals, and foreign visitors.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Tagaung city, Thabeikkyin township, Pyinoolwin distric, Mandalay Division
Tel +959256276642

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