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ARHI: Social& Educational Institution
Basic Information
English ARHI: Social& Educational Institution
Local language
Country India
Category General NGO
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 2008
  • To foster social research and documentation of indigenous heritage of North Eastern region
  • To preserve, promote and conduct research on indigenous cultures & practices.
  • The Centre will carry out extensive research based documentation work to preserve oral traditions and other forms of performing arts of the indigenous communities.
  • The Centre will continue to remain an archival testimony to rich and diverse indigenous culture of different tribes though documentation-audio &video, publication, etc.
  • The Centre will organise workshop and carry out outreach programme on propagation of preservation of native culture.
  • The Centre is publishing and will continue to publish books based on research of cultural traits of indigenous tribes as well as make arrangements for audio-visual preservation.

ARHI is a collaboration of individuals belonging to the indigenous tribe, activists, working for the cultural and educational rights of the native people. It is a wider platform for all indigenous communities to discuss and reflect upon challenges and problems faced by them as well as finding the best means to address those concerns.

It is a grassroots organisation comprising all small & big indigenous communities. Being an indigenous community – led organisation the prime objective is the overall development of the indigenous people .The issues of cultural identity, indigenous language and literature and other socio-economic problems are the core areas which ARHI is working on. Folk Culture Research Centre of North East India was formed by ARHI to address cultural concerns of indigenous people. It has dedicated members from the North-Eastern part of India persevering to preserve the undocumented and un-archived cultural traditions of communities settled in this part of India.

Major Activities

Workshop on Rural Journalism

Duration: One week Location: Nagaon District , year:2009

Workshop and Documentation work on Tai-Phake community and book publication

Duration: One month Location: Dibrugrah District , year:2012

Workshop and Documentation work on Traditional Medicine and book publication

Duration: Three  month Location: Assam State , year:2015

Workshop and Documentation work on Singpho community and book publication

Duration: Three  month Location: Tinsukia State , year:2014

Workshop on oral traditions of Tiwa Community and Book Publication

Duration: Three  month Location: Morigaon State , year:2015

Documentation & Book Publication on Folk Tales of Tribes living in Patkai Hills

Duration: One year  Location: Assam & Arunachal, year:2014

Documentation & Book Publication on Birth Rituals of Tribes living in Assam & Arunachal

Duration: One year  Location: Assam & Arunachal, year:2013

Archiving and documentation of traditional song of Hill Tiwas and publication of album Samadi

Duration: Two  month Location: Morigaon State , year:2016


Duration: Four  month Location: Morigaon/Nagaon State , year:2016-17

Publication of Annual Journal on Folklore LOKSANSKRITI in association with Oil India Ltd. & Oxford Bookstore

Duration: Five month Location: Assam/Delhi State , year:2016-17

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Milanpur,Nagaon,PONagaon Assam
Tel +919957057010 +919864363232

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