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Asian Heritage Foundation
Basic Information
English Asian Heritage Foundation
Local language
Country India
Category Trust
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Established year 1996
  • AHF is committed to exploring new paradigms of growth using the region’s rich repository of skills, catalyzing collaborative design-led initiatives.
  • It initiates programs that span research and documentation, training and transmission, promotion & conservation of the subcontinent’s diverse heritage.
  • It seeks civil society participation in a movement for a peaceful and modern region by serving international cross-cultural dialogue.
  • It aims to support projects that reconcile the frictions between people, technology and nature, between the old and new, the East and West that are manifest in cultural products and services.
  • AHF guides transition of small producers and microenterprises into self-sustaining ‘creative industries’.

The Asian Heritage Foundation was founded as a not-for-profit, non-aligned organization whose concerns encompass the public affairs, arts and sciences of India and Asia. It endeavors to position South Asia’s creative skills and explore new paradigms of growth with creative initiatives.

The foundation was envisioned to strive towards bringing contemporary relevance to traditional skills of vulnerable artisan communities and creative stakeholders. The advocacy for South Asia’s creative ingenuity was fashioned out over decades of initiatives and events that celebrated the Indian subcontinent’s rich cultural heritage.

Major Activities

The foundation undertakes many projects and events that are commissioned for implementation. A few of the projects are listed below:

  • 1996-onwards: Theatre workshops and performances with traditional artists, empowering them with new themes and formats relevant to their professions. The Hidden River, created with more than 260 classical and folk performing artists in collaboration with the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai, and the Beggars’ Opera in India and Edinburgh in the UK.
  • 1998-2000: The Earth Centre, an interactive, participative exhibit proposal designed for Doncaster (U.K.) introducing the concept of sustainable development on a site that had been reclaimed from industrial dereliction.
  • 2000: The Universal Expo at Hanover
  • 2001-2003: Stree Sakti, a development initiative undertaken in collaboration with the Ford Foundation to foster livelihood among rural women.
  • 2002: The design and execution of the Silk Road Festival with the Smithsonian Institution held at the National Mall in Washington DC.
  • 2002 and ongoing: The Lotus Bazaar, a market facilitation package that brings context- specific, design-driven services to bear on manifestations of cultural enterprise, most recently at the inception of the Sasian (South Asian) Journey program in New Delhi, 2015 and earlier at Sanjha Safar 2007 celebrating federalism, at Forum 2004 in Barcelona and at the 2002 Silk Road Festival in Washington DC.
  • Heart, Head, Healing (HHH)
  • 2006: Global Arts Square (GAS), feasibility study for the renewal and conservation of the inner-city precinct of Jaipur for the Government of Rajasthan.
  • 2007: Federalism, New Delhi, an outreach program exploring the theme of federalism to be held as a parallel event to the 4th International Conference on Federalism hosted by the Interstate Council (Ministry of Home Affairs).
  • 2007 and Ongoing: Jiyo: The Asian Heritage Foundation is currently executing the World Bank (WB) and Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) supported project of Creating Inclusive Business Models for Marginalized skilled in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and eight districts of Nepal.
  • 2009: Taj Mall – Agra Bazaar revisited – A theatrical event produced as a walk in a multi-cultural bazaar.
  • 2013 – And this too… Aditi, (Jodhpur) – an inter-medial dramatics event, revisiting the dispositions explored in its first premier in 1978 in India and last incarnation at the Smithsonian Institution in 1985 during the Festival of India.


Contact Information (Organization)
Address C52, Asian Heritage Foundation South extension part 2 New Delhi - 110049
Tel 011-43130400 / 26263984

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