Organization - Association of cooks of Uzbekistan

Association of cooks of Uzbekistan
Basic Information
English Association of cooks of Uzbekistan
Local language O`zbekiston oshpazlar uyushmasi
Country Uzbekistan
Category Educational Institution International Organization
Domain Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Education and Training
Established year 2010

The Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan was established for the following purposes: further safeguarding and popularization of national cooks of Uzbekistan; preparation of cooks for international classes; support of public initiative on developing catering companies; implementation of international standards on service providing; and providing training and retraining of cooks, chefs, waiters, and confectioners according to international and modern requirements.


Since 2010, the association has been an official member of the World Association of Chefs, which is a nonpolitical organization of professionals and aims to safeguard and develop the culinary standards of world kitchens. The Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan supports all catering on issues of staff training and retraining, providing information on consulting services for the technical process of catering services. The association’s official webpage is  and aims for organizational and informational support for professional cooks and new beginners in culinary art.

Major Activities

The Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan engages in a broad variety of activities. Some of these major activities include the safeguarding of national heritage and the culture of meal preparation; renewal of disappearing types of Uzbek national culinary art; support for developing national culinary art; professional development of specialists in the sphere of catering and providing master classes involving well-known cooks from Uzbekistan and foreign countries; cooperation in partnership with the Center for Vocational Education on issues of preparation of catering personnel and hotel staff; cooperation with the World Association of Chefs and participation at its events; promotion of national culinary heritage of Uzbekistan in foreign countries, including its unique properties and cooking methods; and forming a positive image of national meals and culinary products by taking part in international exhibitions, conferences, and seminars.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 354 Oltin tepa St., M.Ulugbek district, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan
Tel +99871 2652771

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