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Bangladesh Graam Theatre
Basic Information
English Bangladesh Graam Theatre
Local language বাংলােদশ গরাম িথেয়টার
Country Bangladesh
Category Theatre Organization
Domain Performing Arts
Function Research
Established year 1981
  • To avoid centralization in theater and to promote indigenous style of theater.
  • Revival and conservation of traditional and near-extinct folk forms, and making it relevant in today’s context through experimentation and fusion with contemporary theater.
  • To support creative evolution of local languages of Bangladesh.
  • To start and support village festivals to enhance progressive cultural thoughts.
  • Modernization and betterment of traditional acting methods.
  • To promote the traditional Bangladeshi open air theater.
  • To help folk culture to take centre stage in the cultural domain of nation.
  • To propagate the national theater tradition and to promote it to national and international forums.’
  • To uphold the ideals of Mukti Yuddha (Bangladesh War of Liberation) through constructive cultural activities.
  • Bangladesh Gram Theater believes in the ideology of Mukti Yuddha and conserves and promotes indigenous art and culture. The organization is a progressive theater group, strictly against all kinds of fundamentalism and communalism. The organization’s objective is to combine the traditional indigenous theater style with contemporary drama. It organizes cultural festivals and events in remote villages of Bangladesh, and helps to form theater group in every village. They want to revive the local languages of Bangladesh through use in stage, art forms, music and poems.
Major Activities

In 1980, Dhaka Theatre started a project of starting village festivals and formation of theater groups in villages of Bangladesh. Some village theater groups like Pabna Theater, bagura Theater, Sanglap Natyagosthi of Feni and Bodhn theater group of Kustiya supported the program of Dhaka Theater and stated village festivals.

Within a year, the village theater movement gathered pace and for promotion, implementation and for bringing in structural discipline of this program a leaflet was published in 1982. Content of page number 10 of that book says that the instructions of this leaflet will have same status as that of the constitution. At the first national convention of the village theaters arranged by Dhaka Theater, an organizational structure was agreed. Later this structure was subsequently amended in 3rd and 4th national convention of village theaters.

The organizational structure has been simplified so that no complications arises in future.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 50, Purana Paltan Lane, (7th flr.), Dhaka-1000 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tel +8801742150927

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