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Basic Information
English Bhabanagara Foundation / Bhab Nagar /Vabnagar Foundation
Local language ভাবনগর ফাউন্ডেশন
Country Bangladesh
Category General NGO Public Foundation
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Cultural Organization registered with the Government of Bangladesh
Established year 2010

Bhabanagara Foundation dreams of establishing a cultural force through its vision and mission to highlight the national image in the eyes of the international audience. It is committed to reviving the cultural origin and spreading the essence of its beauty in order draw back attention to the roots.

Bhabanagara Foundation aims at articulating age old multidimensional language, literature, education procedure and cultural performances among people in-country and abroad.

Bhabanagara Foundation intends to coordinate relevant research works done and going all over Bangladesh and West Bengal of India as well as overseas on Bangla language, literature and culture.

Ancient and medieval Bangla was really rich in education for spreading knowledge, cultural performances, productions, economics and development of civilization. Bhabanagara Foundation will work to revive the historical glory of Bangla through field based research and indicating their significance through the motivation of all level stakeholders.

The Bhabanagara Foundation seeks to promote and establish the energy of cultured culture at the national and international levels in the thousand years of Bengal. As part of this process, Bhabanagara wants to attract more people of Bengal to education, research and development through culture.

The Bhabanagara Foundation is working to inspire students and researchers in the new type of research. The Foundation organizes cultural fielding, cultural events and symposia on a variety of cultural subjects in Bangladesh and South Asia. Meanwhile, in 2013 and 2014, it organized two international symposiums of ethnomusicology. The Bhabanagara Foundation thinks that, the term ‘Ethnomusicology’ should be the Bengali terminology – musicalism. In the field of music, it is essentially considered and analyzed by the sounds of music, the diverse human senses of the population. In fact, the main task of ethnomusicology is to look at how a community of people historically captures their culture, culture, economics, politics, rituals, history, religion, values and other traditions within music.


It is today in the higher education system of various countries of Europe, America, Asia and other continents, as well as the curriculum of the university’s music, history, anthropology, and social sciences department. But the idea of ethnomusicology in Bangladesh is still almost unknown. The Bhabanagara Foundation believes that the deliberations of the discussions that the organization has had over the period at different levels will unveil a new horizon on the anthropological and sociological studies of Bangladesh and simultaneously can pave the way to a unique course in the activities of university-level music, folklore, anthropology, history, social sciences and other departments and will play an important role in the adoption of ethnomusicology; on the other hand, there will be a kind of relationship with Bangladesh’s research work with research studies conducted in the international arena.

Major Activities

Bhabanagara Foundation organized three symposium titles in Ethnomusicology and Performance Studies and Ethnomusicology for Bengal Studies respectively in 2013 and 2015 CE at Dhanmondi-EMK Center in Dhaka in presence of American and Asian cultures. In our knowledge, there was no other seminar or symposium on ethnomusicology in Bangladesh. In that judgment, the first successful claimant to organize Symposium on Ethnomusicology in Bangladesh is the Bhabanagara Foundation.

Some of the key initiatives were:

  1. In 2015 Bhabanagara started the venture of revival of Charyasongs in easy contemporary Bangla Language using traditional tunes supported by indigenous musical instruments that the Baul-Sufi practitioners of marginalized economic background are performing. In the project, there is equal participation of women Baul-Sufi Sadhakas;
  2. Every week on Wednesday the young group of Bhabanagara, called Sadhusongo which organize a public gathering for safeguarding the cultural heritage. The young group of Sadhusongo every month travel in the rural areas and arrange workshop for safeguarding the culture, also young team of Bhabanagara try to psychologically motivate for safeguarding the culture;
  3. Bhabanagara organized a field work for The Workshop on the Implementation of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (field work across villages in the district of Manikganj on 19 July 2013);
  4. Musical dance performance of “Bishad-Jaari”, based on classic Bengali Novel Bishad-Sindhu at the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts Ltd in Dhaka on 14 November 2013;
  5. Arranged a special exhibition with the associate organization VIAAN on the theme of the “The dream’s Wear : Influenced by folk painting and song” at La Galerie, Alliance Francaise, Dhaka, on May 2013;
  6. Sadhu Paribarer Gaan (The songs of Sadhu Family) the songs of devotees arranged with two sadhu families using traditional musical instruments without electronic sound systems. The singers presented original Baul songs in the event on 30 September 2011;
  7. Bhabanagara Foundation organized regularly cultural tourism, e.g, in 2015 Bhabanagara organized Charyasongs at the ancient Buddhist heritage site-Sompur Mahavihara (Paharpur Buddhist Vihara) for the teachers and students of Hiroshima University, Japan.Bhabanagara Foundation also publishes Bhabanagara, an international journal of Bengal Studies, is a peer-reviewed journal published two times of a year by the Bhabanagara Foundation. The journal publishes original articles in the field of Bengal or Bangla Studies, as broadly defined. Bhabanagara is an open access online journal. The journal unveils the diversity of Bangla language, culture and literature to the rest of the world. This diversity comes from the merging of various languages into Bangla including Sanskrit, Arabic and Farsi.

Bhabanagara is documenting the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Folklores of Bangladesh by its fieldwork-base research, and is ready to be presented before the world. Bhabanagara also works in documentation of dance, drama, songs, rituals, traditions and craft like needle-work (Nakshi Kantha, basketry, Hat Pakha, Shakha, etc ), paintings (Patachitra, Alpana, Laxmir Shora, Shokher Hari, etc), clay-craft, metal-craft, etc.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Chekuthi, Concord Emporium, 45 Basement, 253/254 Elephant Road, Katabon, Dhaka-1000
Tel +8801830203322

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