Organization - Center for Research and Preservation of Vietnamese Cultural Faiths

Center for Research and Preservation of Vietnamese Cultural Faiths
Basic Information
English Center for Research and Preservation of Vietnamese Cultural Faiths
Local language Trung tâm Nghiên cứu và Bảo tồn Văn hóa Tín ngưỡng Việt Nam
Country Vietnam
Category General NGO
Domain Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 2012
  • To draw attention to whole-hearted individuals who are enthusiastic about their careers in cultural heritage conservation and promotion in general and faith cultural heritage in particular to carry out assigned missions;
  • To contribute to protecting the state, social benefits, and legal interests of collectives and individuals in the field of cultural heritage protection and promotion;
  • To consult and organize faith cultural heritage research activities relating to Vietnam’s cultural heritage treasure;
  • To consult and hold activities in faith cultural heritage conservation and promotion;
  • To arrange conferences, workshops, talk shows, festivals, contests, and experience exchanges in faith cultural heritage conservation and promotion;
  • To research, consult, and set up projects on faith cultural heritage values and submit them to state authorities for approval;
  • To consult and organize events and festivals to exchange faith culture at home and abroad;
  • To unite related organs and provinces to organize training classes on faith cultural heritage;
  • To carry out research, collection, translation, and book publishing relevant to the functions and duties of the center;
  • To consult and hold visits to learn and experience domestic and foreign faith historical-cultural vestiges;
  • To consult and hold displays and exhibitions on faith cultural heritage as stipulated by law.

The Center for Research and Preservation of Vietnamese Cultural Faiths runs for common benefit, but not for its own interest, with a view to play a part in the conservation and promotion of religious cultural heritage values, which is part of the national cultural heritage. Thus, it aims to create stability for traditional cultural values, to create opportunities for people to have more and more careers in cultural heritage conservation and promotion with a socializing tendency, and to meet the demand of community in the field of cultural heritage conservation and promotion.

The center regularly studies and researches reasoning bases and current Vietnamese cultural reality. It learns from countries advanced in the fields of treating cultural issues in general and religious culture in particular. It then produces objectives, tasks, and solutions to take part in the protection and development of Vietnamese culture as it is deeply stamped in the national identity.

Major Activities
  • Participating in the international conference Research Mother Worship Faith in Modern Society.
  • Attending the festival of going to the capital and water procession at Quang Cung Palace.
  • Opening Séance at Mother Au Co temple in Phu Tho on the occasion of King Hung’s anniversary.
  • Cooperating with the Viet Theater Joint Stock Company to hold the program Going into a Trance: Life and Faith.
  • Organizing the Chau Van rituals festival at Ha temple, Tuyen Quang Province, and many other Chau Van festivals in Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Lang Son, and other locations.
  • Working with filmmaking delegation for Finding the Origin of the Asian Shaman in Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Mongolia, and China.
  • Meeting itinerant religious ambassadors of delegation of the foreign affairs ministry to teach them about Vietnamese religious and faith policy, and introducing the Mother worship belief of Vietnamese people to propose it to UNESCO as human intangible cultural heritage.
  • Sending a delegation of twenty-two members to Thailand under invitation by the Vietnam embassy in the Thai Kingdom on the occasion of forty years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, where the delegation performed Chau Van rituals with Thai princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn at the Viet Nam embassy in Bangkok.
  • Surveying the Phuc An Luu building, Vu Xa hamlet, Ai Quoc commune, Hai Duong Province, to have direct conversations with the watcher to study, identify, and listen to the opinions of local leaders on activities of the faith base.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Room 402, Song Thao building, alley 140/2, Doi Can street, Ba Dinh ward, Hanoi

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