Organization - Community of Ronggeng Deli

Community of Ronggeng Deli
Basic Information
English Community of Ronggeng Deli
Local language Komunitas Ronggeng Deli
Country Indonesia
Category Arts and Culture Associations
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Function Education and Training
Established year 2015

The Ronggeng Melayu Community aims to revitalize, reconstruct, and revive the art of Ronggeng Malayu. It also serves the purpose of lifting and turning the aesthetic and intellectual capital of Ronggeng Melayu arts as teaching material and showing its use to improve the quality of art as well as resources of life.


The Community of Ronggeng Deli is a place that celebratesh the arts of Ronggeng Melayu traditions that originated in North Sumatera Province (Deli). Ronggeng Melayu has almost disappeared in its own land. Considering this issue, we try to maintain the existence of Melayu arts, which already produce many artists in the field of literary arts (lyrics and poems), music, dance, and the ethics of artistic style of the east. The artists in the Ronggeng Deli Community come from North Sumatera, West Sumatera, Riau, Aceh, Riau Islands, West Kalimantan, Java, and Sunda.

In contrast to Ronggeng in Java, where the primary object is peronggeng itself (body attractiveness of women), in this Ronggeng Melayu, the primary object is Pantun (poem).

The word ronggeng was adopted from the Java language, but the content therein is contrary to Javanese ronggeng. In accordance with the above purpose, the Ronggeng Melayu Deli Community maintains this art through revitalization, and training, both for artists who are in the community of Ronggeng Deli and for artists or society from elsewhere in the world.

Major Activities
  • Traditional music training.
  • Traditional dance training.
  • Organizing Ronggeng Melayu Performances.
  • Revitalizing Ronggeng Melayu.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Jl. Keramat 3 no. 56 RT 5 RW 10, Kelurahan Lubang Buaya, Kecamatan Cipayung Jakarta Timur – Indonesia 13810
Tel (+62) 81219303706

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