Organization - Cultural Museum, Kyaing Tong

Cultural Museum, Kyaing Tong
Basic Information
English Cultural Museum, Kyaing Tong
Local language
Category Museum
Domain Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 2000
  • To let the people know about the flourishing Buddhism at Estterent Shan State.
  • To introduce and promote nationalities such as, Shan, Burma, Arkhar, Larhu, Wa and Ann who are staying together for long ago.
  • To know and love our nationalities’ traditional costume, artistic instruments and traditional utensils.

In Kyaington Cultural Museum, Laishan, Arkhar, Lishan, Ann, Larhu, Shan and  Rakhine nationalities’ costumes, musical instruments and traditional utensils are displayed. At the Buddhist Arts exhibition room, there are glorious pagodas, images of the Buddha and ancient votive tablets displayed.

Major Activities
  • Museum Admission fee for local  is 500 kyat a and foreigner is 5000 kyat, student, Monk and Nun are free admission.
  • Artifacts are exhibited through the year and special exhibitions are display to the public occasionally.
  • As a local museum, we safeguard the traditional practices and custom and disseminate the national tradition to the public through cooperation with the local community.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Cultural Museum, Department of Archaeology and National Museum, Kyaington
Tel +95943016099
Fax +958423592

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