Organization - Cultural Museum of Loikaw

Cultural Museum of Loikaw
Basic Information
English Cultural Museum of Loikaw
Local language
Country Myanmar
Category Research Institute Museum
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1967
  • To educate, display, and keep findings for the museum;
  • To buy, borrow, donate, transfer, collect, exchange, and keep for the library;
  • To excavate and conserve for archaeology;
  • To conduct research in ICH.

Cultural Museum of Loikaw is under the Ministry of Religious affairs and Culture, Department of Archaeology and National Museum. Cultural Museum of Loikaw has the following five exhibition rooms:

  1. Race exhibition room
  2. Utensils exhibition room
  3. Ornament exhibition room
  4. Painting and carving exhibition room
  5. Buddha exhibition room

Entrance fee is 500 kyats for locals and 5,000 kyats for foreigners. Admission is free for students, monks, and nuns.

Major Activities
  • Maintaining the display artifacts and educating the public.
  • Conducting field work in the nine Kayah nations’ intangible cultural heritage for inventory and research.
  • Conducting fieldwork in the nine Kayah nations’ tangible cultural heritage for inventory and research.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Between 10 and 11 street, Ukhunli street, Quarter of Naungyar (a). Loikaw
Tel +958121307
Fax +958121307

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