Organization - Cultural Museum of Mawlamyaing

Cultural Museum of Mawlamyaing
Basic Information
English Cultural Museum of Mawlamyaing
Local language
Country Myanmar
Category Research Institute Museum
Function Research
Established year 1955
  • To exhibit and collect the tangible and intangible artifacts for unity between the peoples;
  • To exhibit collected cultural artifacts to the public;
  • To safeguard the tangible and intangible cultural artifacts of communities;
  • To be a center of knowledge for the public in the region;
  • To gain understanding and achieve unity among the peoples by sharing culture.

Cultural Museum and Library of Mawlamyaing was opened on 1 February 1955, as per the Culture Council’s plan. It was opened with an attached information center from 1963 to 1966. In 1964, it was transferred to the department of Culture Institute. On 1 April 1966, it was separated into the information room and cultural museum for the public. At that time, the building was one-story, 60 feet fire-brick building. The recent building was built in April 1984, and was reopened to the public on 19 March 1990.

Major Activities
  • Conducting excavation and research.
  • Serving the public.
  • Educating the public and opening the library.
  • Archiving and revealing intangible culture.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address No-50, Corner of Htawei bridge and Baho street. Quarter of Sitkaekone, Mawlamyaing
Tel +955727048
Fax +955727048

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