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Cultural Museum Pha An
Basic Information
English Cultural Museum Pha An
Local language
Country Myanmar
Category Museum
Domain Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Established year 1965
  • To collect, safeguard, conserve, and display the traditional arts and crafts of Kayin national races and to disseminate them;
  • To reveal the history of national races;
  • To cultivate the patriotic spirit, cherish the mother land, and safeguard the cultural heritage of national races;
  • To encourage the growth of the genuine traditional culture of Kayin;
  • To collect antiquities;
  • To collect historic records, ancient hand writing, literature, and preserve items;
  • To safeguard the traditional literature, culture, and language of Kayin national races.

The Cultural Museum Pha An has been open to the public since 1965. The museum’s objectives are to collect objects of religion, dressing, and hunting. A library is attached to the museum and is accessible to all students.

Major Activities

The museum displays statues of Kayin tribes, Buddha images, literature, and traditional tools of Kayin daily life.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Corner of Zwekapin road and Khayay road, quarter (4), PhaAn
Tel +959425001826

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