Organization - Dedy Lutan Dance Company (DLDC)

Dedy Lutan Dance Company (DLDC)
Basic Information
English Dedy Lutan Dance Company (DLDC)
Local language
Country Indonesia
Category Art Community/Dance Group)
Domain Performing Arts
Function Research
Education and Training
Peforming Art Production
Established year 1990

Indonesia is a nation with many kinds of subcultures that are reflected in daily life events of traditional communities. Those subcultures still exist and influence one another, each with its own unique characteristics, forming together a new value system that represents Indonesian cultures. However, industry and technological development are having new effects on Indonesian cultural development. The growth of Indonesian culture over the centuries has shaped Indonesian national identity. Dance productions have functioned as a way to express this identity through fusion of line form, movement, unique voices, and groove. Dance performances effectively express ideas and experiences through the dancers’ imagination.


This group was initially named Deddy Dance Company (D.D.C). Later however, it was unanimously changed to Dedy Lutan Dance Company or DLDC. DLDC was established in the early 1990s by choreographer Dedy Lutan along with his two associates, Elly D. Lutan and Iriene S. Prinka. This dance company was initially a cluster of small dance groups that were later developed, united, and led by Dedy Lutan, who has been their choreographer since 1973.

DLDC’s first step was to conduct intensive field research in Indonesian traditions and to establish direct contact with the sources of these traditions. The choreographers are expected to express their self-actualization through field research in order to reach a better understanding of the essence of human life.

Major Activities

DLDC always strives to embrace, invite, call, and conduct dance workshops based on traditional, cultural dances to reintroduce these hidden treasures into the glow of international art. These activities aim to engage our younger generation and make them more interested in the art of this archipelago.

DLDC, as representative of the arts community, feels compelled to regularly perform works that convey the strength of spirit and culture of this nation. Thus, through the art of traditional dance, DLDC contributes to building public appreciation for the arts and culture of Indonesia.

Vision and Mission:

  • DLDC’s vision is to inspire Indonesian dancers’ arts and creativity through the continuous creation of contemporary or traditional art.
  • DLDC’s mission is to develop the professionalism and creativity of Indonesian choreographers and to promote observation and study of the dancing arts.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Jl Haji Mursid, Gg Kelapa No.4, Rt 004/Rw04 Kebagusan Raya, Jakarta Selatan 12530-Indonesia
Tel +62 811861412/+62 8118605677/+6221 22711545

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