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Department of Cultural Promotion
Basic Information
English Department of Cultural Promotion
Local language กรมส่งเสริมวัฒนธรรม
Country Thailand
Category Government Agency
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Policy and System
Education and Training
Established year The Office was established in 1979 under the name of Office of the National Culture Commission due to “The Office of the National Culture Commission Act B.E. 2522 and has changed to the Department of Cultural Promotion in 2010 under the National Culture Act of B.E. 2553 (2010)
  • To promote cultural contents for developing the creative economy;
  • To develop cultural learning places to form a service center of cultural dissemination and cultural exchanges at all levels;
  • To promote the process of participation of civil society in order to conserve, rehabilitate, inherit, protect, and safeguard customs, wisdom, arts, and culture as well as reinforce proper social values;
  • To study, research, and manage cultural knowledge for development and dissemination;
  • To promote and regulate film and video services.

The Department of Cultural Promotion (DCP) is an organization equivalent to a department of the Ministry of Culture. As such, it is headed by a director-general who is assisted by two deputies. DCP has the responsibility to formulate plans and projects; to promote and develop national culture; to draw on cultural heritage and bring its influence to bear on educational, economic, political and social development; and to cooperate and coordinate with governmental units, state enterprises, and private sectors involved in the enforcement of culture and culture-related laws.

Major Activities

The Department of cultural Promotion is charged with the task of promoting and preserving intangible Thai cultural heritage through means such as studies, research, rehabilitation, development, dissemination of information, and support to government agencies, non-government organizations, and the public engaged in cultural work. The office also handles affairs relating to the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage Act of B.E.2559.


Contact Information (Organization)
Address Department of Cultural Promotion 14 Thiamruammitr Rd. Huaykwang District, Bangkok 10310 Thailand
Tel +66‐2‐2470013
Fax +66‐2‐6453059

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