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Dhamrai Metal Crafts
Basic Information
English Dhamrai Metal Crafts
Local language ধামরাই মেটাল ক্রাফটস
Country Bangladesh
Domain Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
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The main objectives of Dhamrai Metal Crafts are listed below:

  • Helping to document the problems faced by the metal craft industries in Dhamrai through group discussions, focus groups and “town meeting” formats. This information is being used to come up with “community solutions”
  • Working to recruit and place young apprentices into different workshops (clay method, plate-making, spoon-making, etc.) to allow them to learn the trade. This first experience helps to document the process so that additional persons can be recruited and trained in future
  • Working with craftsmen in India and Nepal to come up with an exchange program with another workshop to allow for representatives from each country to observe and work alongside others who are doing this technique. This allows both countries to benefit from the unique approaches found within the countries
  • Exploring the possibility of creating a “metal craft” association in Dhamrai Working with different workshops to see if markets can be developed for some of these products inside and outside of Bangladesh. This would include helping to suggest ways of advertising, promoting, distributing and working out the financial transfers (e.g. for museum shops, etc.).

Bangladesh is an ancient land filled with an array of fascinating cultures, diverse people, interesting scenery and a history of metal artistry that can be traced back to many centuries. The metal casting techniques employed include: the lost wax method, clay method, sand casting method, spoon-making method and plate-making method.

Dhamria Metal Crafts is helping to keep the legacy of this traditional art form alive hoping that future generations in Bangladesh will come to appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these unique objects.  If this trade is ever lost, an important part of Bangladesh’s artistic tradition will vanish forever.

The main center for metal casting in Bangladesh is in a village known as “Dhamrai.” For many generations, this predominately Hindu village has produced “handmade” metal-ware for markets throughout Bangladesh. These items include masterpiece quality statues, decanters, bowls, spoons and plates.

Dhamrai, which is located 39 kilometers northwest of Dhaka (the capital city of Bangladesh), resides along the banks of the “Bangshi” and “Kakilajani” Rivers.  This area has a rich history that can be traced all the way back to the Pala Dynasty (800 – 1100 AD) during which both early Buddhist and Hindu settlements once flourished.   Throughout the Dhamrai area, one can still witness many Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist structures that date back many hundreds of years.

Major Activities

Dhamrai Metal Crafts has been doing metal casting using the lost wax method for many generations.  As a leader in this field, they recognize that unless the entire industry is strong, then none of the workshops will survive.

Major Activities:

  • To help document the problems faced by the metal craft industries in Dhamrai
  • To create the concept of an “institute” where metal craft technology can be transferred to those willing to be apprentices
  • To exchange information among those working on these techniques in another country (Bangladesh/Nepal)
  • To help develop a market for these items that will ensure that the industry will continue for years to come.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address A-71 West Kahethpara, Dhamrai, Dhaka-1350
Tel 008801713003136

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