Organization - Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal

Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal
Basic Information
English Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal
Local language नेपाल हस्तकला महासंघ
Country Nepal
Category General NGO
Domain Performing Arts
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Policy and System
Education and Training
Established year 1972
  • Work towards growth of handicraft industry and trade.
  • Encourage Nepalese artisans to adopt handicraft production as their profession by preserving Nepalese cultural heritage and to popularize it in the global market.
  • Strive towards enhancing the quality of handicraft & its productivity.
  • Make recommendations to the Government to formulate policy/programs suitable to the development of handicraft industry and trade.
  • To preserve the Intangible Cultural heritages.
  • FHAN is a Non-profit and Service oriented organization serving to its private sector members and artisan community.
  • Member based organization
  • FHAN has over 1500 members (artists/ artisans, entrepreneurs, industrialists, exporters, traders of Nepalese Handicrafts etc.)
Major Activities
  • To organize seminars, symposiums and workshops on various issues related to the development of handicraft industry and trade.
  • Organize exhibitions and trade fairs to showcase the Nepalese handicraft product as well as the Intangible Heritages.: FHAN has been organizing a series of Handicraft Trade Fairs in Kathmandu since 1991.
  • Awarding and recognizing of top exporters and best craftsmen.
  • Publication of news, bulletins, books, catalogues, member’s directory and other relevant materials to promote handicraft trade & industry.
  • Documentation & dissemination of information regarding handicraft trade & industry.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address UpamaMarga, Thapathali Height, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel 977-01-4244231, 977-01-4243448
Fax 977-01-4222940

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