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Folkland, International Centre for folklore and Culture
Basic Information
English Folkland, International Centre for folklore and Culture
Local language ഫോക് ലാന്‍റ് ഇന്‍റര്‍നാഷണല്‍ സെന്‍റര്‍ഫോറ്ഫോക് ലോറ് ആന്‍റ് കള്‍ചറ്
Country India
Category UNESCO-Accredited NGO
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Policy and System
Education and Training
Established year 1989
  • To promote cultural heritage by training younger generation to uphold cultural tradition.
  • To delve deep into Kerala’s cultural roots and preserve its varied heritage.
  • To provide knowledge to the performing communities by training them and thereby helping them to sustain themselves with their traditional art forms.
  • To create a pool of people who can act as advocates for their cultural heritage.
  • To conserve Indian culture with its values by documentation and archiving of the resources, providing access to performing arts, cultural education, and information through cultural practices.
  • We envision a society that respects cultural heritage

Folkland, International Centre for folklore and culture is a non profit, non Governmental Organization devoted for the promotion of folklore and culture. Folkland, housed in Kerala is a registered society under the Indian Societies Act of 1860 and has been in existence since 1989.

It works with three main Centers and several chapters in India It has collaborations with several organizations in India and abroad such as UNESCO, ICCN, British Library , University of Otago (New Zealand), The World Ethnic Dance Institute Korea, IOV,ICCN(Korea), ISFNR,ICH/NGO Forum and so on. Out of the three Centers of Folkland in Kerala one is dedicated for Teyyam Museum, another centre is for manuscripts library and the last one for the promotion of Tribal art and Culture.

Folkland focuses on Intangible Cultural Heritage. It also provides access to knowledge and information about the ICH and has been trying to conserve heritage with pride. Being the premier organization in the field of performance in the traditional art forms, Folkland has been invited by several organizations and departments like Zonal Cultural Centers of Dept of Culture, Govt of India, Dept of Tourism, Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Tourism Promotion Council and various other organizations.

Folkland has received the State Award for the Best Performing Centre by the Govt of Kerala, Dept of Tourism for the year 2001-2002. It has been affiliated to the ICH sector of UNESCO since 2010. ‘Folkland’ has ICCR (Govt of India) Festival Of India Cell empanelment since 2015.

Major Activities

Main domains of ‘Folkland’ include performing arts, oral traditions and expressions, social practices, rituals and festivals, traditional crafts, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe, traditional craftsmanship. Folkland involves in identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making), preservation, protection, promotion, enhancement, transmission, (non)formal education, and revitalization of lesser known art forms which are on the verge of extinction such as Mangalamkali, Eruthukali, Kalampattu, Kenthronpattu, malayanketu, udayamkali and so on.

It organizes workshops and festivals every year in different parts of India to preserve and promote the traditional art and culture. It has also promoted the Kerala art forms like Teyyam, Poorakkali, Kolkali, Kalaripayattu, Gothranritham etc through performances in the places outside its arena. lt publishes research papers, books and magazines, conducts regional, national, international seminars and conferences. It brings together people from India and abroad for artistic engagement. It also organizes dialogues between communities and people of different cultural traditions. ‘Folkland’ provides forum for artists, scholars in furtherance of the intangible cultural heritage. ‘Folkland’ engages in the work that enhances universal values of multiculturalism.

The organization had completed its year long silver jubilee celebrations of its establishment in 2014-15 with festivals in 25 different venues, workshops, seminars, heritage walks, honoring the senior artistes, publication etc. ‘Folkland’ has initiated several research projects during the last 27 years. It has also digitized 265000 folios of palm leaf manuscripts of 16thand 17th centuries with support from British Library.

It has documented more than 4500 hours of folk songs and about 2600 hours of rare art forms in the audio and video formats. Apart from that ‘Folkand’ have about 8000 paper clippings and 4300 rare photographs in its archives. ‘Folkland’ has a museum of Theyyam with major Theyyam forms made in terracotta with full costumes and ornaments. It has around 100 different facials drawn on clay pots and pulp effigies and kept in the museum.

Apart from that, it has a collection of several artifacts and musical instruments from around the globe. Folkland has conducted photo, folk art and material culture exhibitions in different states of India and at international venues. Folkland has visitors from all over the world to study and research on Indian art and culture. Cultural heritage camps are held in different schools across north Kerala under the initiative of Folkland to sensitize and create awareness on rich cultural heritage among school children.

Folkland is currently working on a major project that aims to revive the lesser known art forms of Kerala with the support of Dorf Ketal, Mumbai. Women are trained in mural painting and Shingarimelam as a part of this project along with many other activities that we do to preserve the cultural heritage. Being the premier organization in the field of performance in the traditional art forms, Folkland has been invited by several organizations and Government agencies like Zonal Cultural Centers of Dept of Culture, Government of India, Dept of Tourism, Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Tourism Promotion Council and various other organizations .Folkland performs on 40-50 stages at national and international festivals/shows every year apart from local stages in the region.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Elambachi Kasargod, Kerala , 671311, India
Tel +914672210699 +919847305699

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