Organization - Gorkha Museum

Basic Information
English Gorkha Museum
Local language गोरखा संग्रहालय
Country Nepal
Category Museum
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Documentation
Established year 2008

The main objective of museum is to preserve and conserve all historical elements related to Prithivi Narayan Shah and Gorkha Durbar. They have the mission of giving all the important and significant information through the museum and attract the visitors. They are focusing on how to develop it as a historic museum.


This museum was firstly established by Royal family where their personal collection were kept for their family and upcoming generations. But in 2008 it was made a multi-purpose museum and was opened for public. In the museum the objects such as dress, ornaments, etc. of different ethnic groups and culture are collected that are in the verge of extinction.

Major Activities

The major activity of the museum is to conserve and preserve the artifacts. They guide both the national and international visitors. It has been more than 2 years since they have started delivering educational programs for the students where they make the students members of the museum. When the students become the member of the museum they are provided with various benefits; they are provided various important information regarding heritage, significance of museum; and are given the opportunity of entering the museum free of cost for the membership period. Gorkha museum has been maintaining and restoring all the historical monuments, Pati, Paubha etc.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Gorkha
Tel 064420145

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