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Gurusaday Museum
Basic Information
English Gurusaday Museum
Local language Gurusaday Sangrahashala
Country India
Category Museum
Domain Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1963
  • To exhibit Folk Arts and Crafts.
  • To preserve the synagogue on the premises.
  • To store, maintain, conserve, enhance and extend the Museum collection.
  • To provide a library resource centre and educational facilities, to organise lectures and cultural events in furtherance of the objectives of the Museum.
  • To promote education, research and publication relating to the history of the Bengal and India culture and heritage.
  • To promote awareness and education; to hold exhibitions, to promote research and publication and to organise lectures and workshops on the subject of the culture.
  • To raise funds for the furtherance of these objects.
  • To develop as a National Centre of Excellence and Introduction of State Initiated Design Centre.
  • To develop as Regional Centre of Arts and Crafts in Eastern India.
  • To survey in rural areas and recording of folk-lores and performing arts.
  • To publish a periodical bulletin as well as monographs, special books on specific arts and crafts by expert scholars including the staff of the museum who has much experience in this field.
  • To promote a “Women Creative Centre”, on legal counseling, health awareness, service provider for up-gradation of their social status along with all round upgrade of women empowerment.
  • To promote “Children Creative Centre”, on training on handicrafts items, clay modeling, cloth dolls etc for all round upgrade of child development.
  • To promote a crafts village on the vacant land of two bighas in the Museum campus.
  • To organize festivals of Asian folk art and crafts at this crafts village for more attraction of the public and wider expose of Asian Folk Art.
  • To establish museum  as a cultural resort.
  • To establish a “Shop Centre” for handicrafts items of Bengal around the museum campus.
  • To establish a cafeteria around the museum campus for visitors.
  • To show audio-visual performance on traditional crafts of India for visitors.
  • To organise different folk cultural programmes for visitors.
  • To organize Training Course on Conservation of Arts and Crafts objects throughout the year by expert Conservators.
  • To upgrade the present library of the Museum for students, Research Scholars etc.
  • To develop a “Data Bank Centre” of handicraft sector in Eastern India.

During his tenure as District Collector in the remote parts of the Bengal, Shri Gurusaday Dutt, ICS, developed deep admiration, understanding and interest for the rural folks and their rustic arts. The Museum strives to preserve, revive and revitalize about 2325 exquisite specimens of the dying folk art traditions he collected between 1929 and 1941 including several heirlooms.

There was indeed no knowing how many of our valuable relics of gradually perishing out of our reach for want of collectors and museums for housing the collections. Mr. Gurusaday Dutt came forward to take up this important work in his own hands. As bequeathed by Shri Dutt the entire collection, was after his death in 1941, handed over to Bengal Bratachari Society and the Gurusaday Museum was established in 1963 to commemorate the name of Shri Gurusaday Dutt. Due to financial constraints the President of India was approached for maintenance of the Museum.

An agreement was made between the President of India and the Bengal Bratachari Society on 23rd May, 1984. As per agreement, the Government of India is to give all financial assistance to carry on day to day work of the Museum, payment of staff salary, development, maintenance of the Museum, purchase of equipment etc. and the museum be run and looked after by a registered society. Accordingly, a society named “Gurusaday Dutt Folk Art Society” was formed and registered under Society’s Registration Act 1961.

The said society has been managing and maintaining the museum with the financial assistance received from the Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Government of India, Ministry of Textiles since 1984.

Major Activities

This museum is only one in the world with a focus on treasure house of Bengal folk art and crafts having national and international fame. Specimens of folk-art preserved in the museum are being treated regularly through Preservation Unit. A library of the museum has been established to encourage the readership of visiting student, research fellows and interested persons of folklore and folk art.

The museum having been existence now for more than fifty four years, the museum committee is keen to undertake another phase of work to improve the condition of the building, upgrade the support facilities and improve the display of the present exhibits for the visitors in a more user-friendly manner.

Gurusaday Museum are organized several types of seminar, Design Development workshop, Integrated Design Development Workshop, Craft Awareness Programme, Birthday celebration of Gurusaday Dutt, Conservation workshop, Crafts Training etc.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Gurusaday Museum, Bratacharigram, P.O: Joka, Kolkata 700104
Tel 033-24676048
Fax 033-24535972

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