Organization - International Fund of Handcraftsmanship (Haft Paikar)

International Fund of Handcraftsmanship (Haft Paikar)
Basic Information
English International Fund of Handcraftsmanship (Haft Paikar)
Local language Бунёди байналмилалии ҳунарҳои мардумии Тоҷикистон «Ҳафт Пайкар»
Country Tajikistan
Category International Organization
Domain Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1998

We, a group of skilled craftswomen, gathered under one roof of Haft Paikar, International Fund of Handcraftsmanship of Tajikistan, a leading organization in the Central Asian region in the field of crafts with twenty years of experience in the decorative art of embroidery.

Our main objective is the development and revitalization of needlework folk art of Tajikistan, the approximation of the fine arts of different people at the international level. We want peoples all around the world become acquainted with the examples of the fine arts of Tajiks and introduce us folk crafts of their countries.


Haft Paikar, International Fund of Handcraftsmanship of Tajikistan was created after acquisition of state independence of the country and has been operating for more than twenty years. When Haft Paikar began to take the first steps, the country was engulfed in a fire of civil war, and fear and horror reigned everywhere. At that time, few people thought about the cultural heritage of the country, about national pride, about material and spiritual wealth, about praising beauty and serving humanity.

Haft Paikar began its activities with the revitalization of folk art and its promotion. At that difficult time, Haft Paikar made costumes for hundreds of children, full of joy and beauty of life, in order to fix the eyes of people tired of the fire of war towards love, life and beauty.

Major Activities

Diyori Husn is an international festival-exhibition for fashion and art, which is annually organized by Haft Paikar. Masters from Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, India, America, France and other countries take part in it. This provides a good opportunity for craftsmen to learn more about each other’s activities and find new markets, opening the doors of development and advancement for their colleagues from other countries.

Haft Paikar took part in the creation of 1,100 items of ceremonial and honorable clothes during the solemn celebration of the “1100th anniversary of the formation of the Samanid state”, and successfully completed its task.

The Haft Paikar Masterpieces Show was one of the main parts of the program of the Central Asian culture festival in Paris, which was held from May 24 to June 1, 2005. National Tajik handicrafts were demonstrated at the festival, and a special fashion show of women’s clothes, which combined traditional and modern styles, became an climax of the entire festival.

In addition, in all state and national holidays, exquisite national clothing created by the hands of Haft Paikar masters has always been an adornment of competitions and events, receptions of guests from different countries. Haft Paikar presented Tajikistan at the international trade show Ethical Fashion Show in Paris, which was held from 1 to 4 September, 2011. In Paris, Haft Paikar showed samples of national clothes, dresses, embroidery and other works of art.

In fall 2017, with the support of the International Trade Center, national clothes and other handicrafts made by Haft Paikar conquered Paris. Eco-friendly handicrafts were shown at the Ethical Fashion Show. In the past two years alone, Haft Paikar handicraft products have been exhibited in 20 exhibitions and celebrations.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 17 Nemat Karabaev avenue, 734018, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan
Tel + 992 93 580 2883

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