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Category Art Center
Domain Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 2016

Jothashilpa has the following objectives:

  1. To enhance arts practices in Bangladesh with a sustainable approach towards community engagement and development
  2. To drive artisan development through social and economic avenues of value creation
  3. To do research, documentation and dissemination of traditional art and crafts practices
  4. To initiate and facilitate cross border knowledge and skill sharing in the field of living culture

Jothashilpa has started its journey for enhancement of arts practices in Bangladesh with a sustainable approach towards community engagement and development. Jothashilpa has been working as a melting pot where various categories of arts (such as fine art, folk art, native art, crafts etc.) are being juxtaposed and together they create a new art language.

Jothashilpa is a Bengali word which means ‘proper art’ or ‘applied art’. Sometimes it is also used to connote ‘synonymous of art’. Jothashipla believes that art is very integral part of life and society. So, they have been working with special focus on living styles of human beings and aesthetic senses which emerge from everyday life practices in society. In this journey artists and artisan communities are core engine behind all their activities and work for bridging these communities effectively with a viable patron base. And also facilitate the continuation of their practices through research, documentation, promotion and knowledge sharing.

Major Activities

Workshop and events:

Workshops and events are led by Jothashilpa’s operations team. We have a pool of knowledgeable resource persons, skillful event managers and strong networks of vendors. With their leadership and these resources, Jothashilpo has successfully organized events and workshops in numerous venues across Bangladesh and organized two workshops recently. They are:

Cinema Banner Painting Workshop: Traditional cinema banner painters had conducted the workshop as mentors. The goal of this workshop was to understand and exchange the special skill and visual aesthetics to produce large scale paintings in line with cinema banner painting style and technique. It had contributed to the contemporary art practice in Bangladesh to find a new way of visual language based on popular culture. Cinema Banner painting, as they have discovered, is one of the most popular visual art language in the South Asia. It was initiated as a publicity medium located at the movie theaters. Henceforth, its inception and evolution is heavily shaped by the growth of cinema industry in this region. In the field of cinema banner painting, non-academic painters had played the major role to develop its unique style in the Indian subcontinent. A distinct visual aesthetics emerged which was molded by a larger than life manifestation of cinema.

Art Workshop for Street Children at PEACE Home: Jothashilpa has organized an art workshop for the children of LEEDO Peace Home from 30 August to 1 September 2017. This art workshop’s objective was to inspire the rescued street children to engage themselves with creative expression and co-create worthy moments of happiness that they can share. The art works created in this workshop was placed in their peace home. Jothashilpa had facilitated the art workshop with designing and execution. LEEDO had hosted the workshop at their premises.

Artist in Residence Program

Jothashilpa periodically runs Artist in Residence (AIR) program. Creative artists from different parts of the world get the opportunity to work with local artisans and craftsmen in this residency program. It helps participants to develop a rewarding relationship and create new artworks & designs in collaboration with the local artists and materials. It has organized one edition of residence where an artist from Delhi, India had participated for a month in June 2017.

Research and Publications

Our Research and Publications wing undertakes research and disseminates findings on various topics of culture and arts (both traditional and contemporary). We have a team of experienced researchers and analysts with proven track record. At the moment Jothashilpa is doing an exploratory research on contemporary crafts of Bangladesh and also participates in various national and regional conferences on art and living culture.

Crafts Promotion and Development

Crafts wing produces wide ranges of uniquely designed crafts items for tasteful lifestyle consumption. Design, development and supply chain management of crafts items is executed by veteran designers, artists and craftsmen. Jothshilpo also help clients in developing customized craft products for all occasions.

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