Organization - Kachin Cultural Organization

Kachin Cultural Organization
Basic Information
English Kachin Cultural Organization
Local language
Country Myanmar
Category Literature and culture
Domain Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Function Revitalization
Established year 1965
  • To reveal and promote Kachin tangible and intangible culture;
  • To disseminate Kachin literature, managed by the Kachin Cultural Organization;
  • To follow Kachin’s Customary Law.

The Kachin nationality settled in the northern Shan State 400 to 500 years ago. Kachin people live spread out in Larshio, Kutkhaing, Kwanlon, Hopin, Karmaie, Moemate, Monekoe, Phausai, Namtphatkar, Naungcho, Ownmathi, Ownmakhar, Wa , Kyington, and Tarchilate in Shan state.

Major Activities
  • Safeguarding the culture of singing, dancing, musical instruments as well as teaching Kachin literature and performing in regional development.
  • Helping the community in social matters, marriage, and right of inheritance since 1880.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address No-33, Myawadi Street, Quarter-1, Larshio
Tel +958226856
Fax +958226856

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