Organization - Kalimudan Culture and Arts Center Association, Inc.

Kalimudan Culture and Arts Center Association, Inc.
Basic Information
English Kalimudan Culture and Arts Center Association, Inc.
Local language
Country Philippines
Category General NGO
Domain Performing Arts
Function Education and Training
Established year 2002
  • To help promote the Filipino arts and culture
  • To organize activities that will help promote culture and arts in the locality
  • To serve as support organization of the several needs of the local cultural organizations, either organizational, artistic and logistics
  • To help organize cultural groups in various sectors of society
  • Increase people’s awareness on the importance of culture and the arts for development
  • Help strengthen local and national cultural appreciation information and networkings

Kalimudan Culture and Arts Center Association, Inc. is a non-government organization composed of various individuals who are artists and advocates for social reform. Kalimudan is a Maguindanaon term for a gathering – non-religious and non-political gathering. The organization is a gathering of social advocates and cultural managers. These are men and women whose complimenting skills range from those with extensive NGO experience and background, cultural workers, researchers, artists and teachers.

Kalimudan seeks to raise awareness, popularize and sustain advocacy on basic social issues that confront the local communities and society through culture and arts as its tool, as it links with local and national movements for social and cultural development.

Major Activities
  • The Adolescent Development and Participation in Peace Building (ADAP-PB) workshop was realized to promote the rights of the children and active participation in PEACE BUILDING and situations of armed conflict. Peace dialogue and cultural expressions at the community level in other conflict affected communities was conducted through theater play production, dance drama and choral narration; peace tiles and peace totems (visual arts) interactive storytelling and musical renditions. (In partnership with UNICEF, Aug – Nov 2016)
  • Children Not Soldiers (CNS) workshop was realized to promote the rights of the children and active participation of their families in the involvement of culture and arts through competitions held at Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) camps. (In partnership with UNICEF, Aug – Sept 2016)
  • International Peace Month Celebration 2015 & 2016 held at Cotabato City & MSU Maguindanao. (In partnership with UNICEF)
  • Dreamweavers: Women of Mindanao (2015) a play about a mother in search of her son in different war-torn areas in Mindanao.
  • Art for Healing – this program promotes arts in hospitals giving entertainment to sick people/patients
  • 6th Tanghal Mindanao is a festival where symposia and workshops on culture and arts by Intercultural Theater Institute of Singapore and performances by leading universities theatre arts group in Mindanao. (2012)
  • Sambolayang: 1st Mindanao Visual Arts Congress & Collaborative Arts and Spaces. This project is to conceived as a response to the dearth need of gathering as much information on contemporary art and artists in Mindanao and to provide a venue for these artists, to gather, meet, collaborate, dialogue, discuss, share, connect, bond and interact.
  • Bakwit: Disnidad ug Katungod sa Bakwit Ipatumaw (2010) a play on internally displaced persons in wartorn places in Mindanao.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Kalimudan Culture and Arts Center Association, Inc. Novitiate Compound, National Highway, General Santos City
Tel + 63 83 553 0155

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