Organization - Karika – Bangladesh Hastashilpa Samabaya Federation Limited

Basic Information
English Karika – Bangladesh Hastashilpa Samabaya Federation Limited
Local language
Country Bangladesh
Category General NGO
Domain Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Revitalization
Established year 1974

The organization works with 50000 artisans all over Bangladesh to facilitate their operations and helps in obtaining the raw materials, technical services and creates market linkages for the finished products. The craft products are mainly jute, cane-bamboo-grass, leather, clay models, terracotta, brass metal, shell, pearl, wood, buffalo horn, handloom fabrics and textiles. They have supported small scale cottage industrial units with exhibition and seminars organized for popularizing the handicrafts industries among the general public and in foreign market.


Karika is the first artisans’ cooperative in Bangladesh and was formed in 1974 by a few women volunteers. The founders had 2 main objectives in mind: to uphold the National pride in culture and folk traditions and to raise the status of the crafts people. In Karika, the craft producer-members are stakeholders and most of them are women.

Major Activities

Major Activities are:

  1. Women led enterprises for economic development
  2. Women empowerment
  3. Sustainable craft based livelihood
  4. Market linkage
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Paribagh Super Market, 1st Floor, Opp. Sheraton Hotel, Dhaka
Tel +8801713094906

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