Organization - Katik Naach Preservation Committee

Basic Information
English Katik Naach Preservation Committee
Local language कार्तिक नाच सम्रक्चन समिति
Country Nepal
Category Educational Institution
Domain Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Function Documentation
Education and Training
Established year 2014
  • To preserve and promote KartikNaach (a dance performed during the month of Kartik i.e. September-October).
  • Educate the youth of the country about the dance form and showcase its importance.

Kartik Naach Preservation Committee is a small institution that was established in order to preserve one of the most famous dance forms  ‘Kartik Naach’ that was started off by Siddhi Narsingh Malla. Kartik Naach is one of the Newari dance form of Lalitpur where each different dance depicts a story. The main idea behind promoting this dance form is to bring all the existing Newari communities together and treat each different Newar communities as equals. It is a month long dance that is performed in Patan Durbar Square during the month of Kartik. However, due to lack of resource persons and lack of funds, this ritual was stopped, making the intangible cultural heritage vulnerable.

This is where the preservation committee came into action. KartikNaach Preservation Committee is trying to preserve this dance for that reflects and brings together all the different castes of Newari communities. Situated in Patan Palace, this preservation committee has been trying to revive centuries old KartikNaach of the Newar Committee.

Major Activities

Established 3 years ago, this committee is a very new organization that has been trying to preserve the very old ‘KathikNaach’ of Lalitpur district. KartikNaach is a 27 days long dance ritual performed by various castes belonging to Newar community. Nowadays, the dance is not performed for 27 days as per the ritual, but in order to inform, educate and raise awareness of people of other communities, it is conducted by the Committee for seven days. For some time period, this dance was not performed due to lack of the interest of Newari people towards this dance and due to the lack of budget. But, after the establishment of this committee, KartikNaach has been revived and is performed as a seven day dance ritual in the month of Kartik ( Sep-Oct) in the Patan Durbar Square like before. Before the establishment of this committee, there were lack of Newari artists that would contribute in performing of this dance. But after the committee has been formed, they have been training as well as searching for artists that would support and help in preserving this century old dance. Due to a holy belief, the dance is taught to people belonging to Newari community only and other castes are excluded from the training. The youngsters of Newari community are coached for 3 – 4 months for the dance and then they organize KatikNaach in the PatanDubar Square premises for a week.

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