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Basic Information
English KHAMIR – Kutch Heritage, Arts, Music, Information and Resources
Local language
Country India
Category General NGO
Domain Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 2005

Khamir aims to serve as a cultural resource centre that enables artisans to preserve their traditional way of life while creating sustainable livelihoods centered on their craft. In order to achieve this vision, Khamir works on two fronts:

Direct interventions with artisans: Khamir offers a set of common services that enable artisans to leverage their inherent skills and generate sustainable livelihood. Services such as sourcing quality raw material, design development, production technology, credit and marketing support are offered to artisan units, on-ground or through the sprawling Khamir campus. Through these services, Khamir aims to address front-end and back-end economic, social, environmental and technical issues confronting the craft sector.

Research, Documentation and Education: Khamir views craft as not just a product but a way of life. In order to promote awareness and cause, this shift in consumer perspective, Khamir organizes craft workshops in schools, cultural exhibitions, craft festivals and exchange programs.


Khamir was conceived out of collaboration between the Nehru Foundation for Development (NFD) and Kachchh NavNirmanAbhiyan (KNNA) who promoted it in 2005.

Kachchh is representative of the craft- rich and community-diverse regions in India. The pastoralist, farming and artisanal communities still practice the interconnectedness of socio-economic livelihoods manifest in the rich tapestry of its crafts and heritage. These together with the vibrant visual, oral and musical traditions hold the potential for developing and leveraging a creative economy in the global mindspace.

In the new India story, these traditional creative practices and knowledge systems have a new place and meaning. As markets become more distant, technology and global connectedness also open new doors. As locally available natural resources that were once freely available to artisans became scarce, new possibilities with materials and re-invention of local supply chains become possible. As traditional becomes chic, it triggers new imaginations. Most importantly, as homogenization in our lives increases, we turn ever more curiously to search our identities as embedded in these cultural practices.

Currently we work with 7 textile and 3-D craft sectors in Kachchh. These are: handloom weaving, Ajrakh hand block printing, leather craft, Lacquer turned wood, bell metal, pottery and silver jewellery. Khamir has so far worked along the following approaches.

Major Activities
  • Research, Documentation and Dissemination
  • Influencing Government Spending and Policy
  • Quality Control
  • Consulting Services
  • Design and Product Development
  • Market Linkage Platforms

Khamir works with small and medium sized entrepreneurial artisan units that comprise of 3-5 artisans on average and have no direct links with the market. By conducting in-depth field research, Khamir identifies the key challenges of the artisan units and subsequently provides them with a combination of design, technology, marketing and other services to enable them to compete in modern-day markets.

Khamir handholds the artisan units for a period of around three years, after which the units build the capacity to become completely independent. The artisan units can still avail of services at the Khamir campus, thus ensuring continuity of Khamir’s interventions.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address P. O. Kukma, Ta. Bhuj, Dist. Kachchh 370105 Gujarat
Tel +91-2832-271272

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