Organization - KoKang Literary and Cultural Association

KoKang Literary and Cultural Association
Basic Information
English KoKang Literary and Cultural Association
Local language
Country Myanmar
Category General NGO
Domain Performing Arts
Function Identification
Established year 1976

To reveal and safeguard KoKant nationality’s culture and customs.


Myanmar is an ethnically diverse nation with over a hundred distinct ethnic groups officially recognized by the government. Each of them would like to keep their culture and customs. KoKant nationality wants to contribute to cultural exchanges with other races. That’s why they organized the KoKant Literary and Cultural Association.

Major Activities
  • Keeping and promoting KoKant nationality’s traditional culture and customs.
  • Helping in KoKant nationality’s social matters.
  • Practicing cultural exchanges and mutual respect with other peoples.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address No-6, Khaymar Street, Quarter-2, Larshio
Tel +958223671

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