Basic Information
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Country Bangladesh
Category Educational Institution General NGO Private Limited Company _ Philanthropic and non-profit organization
Domain Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Education and Training
Provide job opportunity to poor rural women
Established year 1936

The key objectives of Kumudini Trust is to:

  • revive the rich heritage of Bangladesh in the field of handicraft and make ways for sustainable economic growth to the unprivileged women folk of villages of different areas
  • uplift their standard of living and also provide education and health-care to their families, serve the common people specially the women in the field of health, education
  • women empowerment irrespective of color, creed and religion through own institutions such as hospital, school, college, university, nursing institute
  • to provide free vocational training to economically weak children.

Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal (KWT) was founded by the great philanthropist Rai Bahadur Ranada Prasad Shaha (R.P. Shaha) in late 1930s. R.P. Shaha came from an ordinary family of East Bengal (now Bangladesh). He earned great reputation and huge wealth in his life time, but donated his entire wealth not keeping anything for himself or his family and formed the Trust to serve the common people particularly women in the field of health and education, and women’s empowerment irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Kumudini Trust is a unique identity – unlike other institutions, it has two wings, one is the income generating side and the other is welfare side. Under income generating side there are several commercial ventures like Jute Trading, Warehousing, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Garment manufacturing & export and General Trading. All income from these commercial ventures is spend to run the various welfare institutions like:

  1. Kumudini Handicrafts
  2. Kumudini Hospital
  3. Bharateswari Homes
  4. Kumudini Nursing
  5. Kumudini Women’s Medical College
  6. Kumudini Dental College
  7. Ranada Prasad Shaha University
  8. Kumudini Nursing College
  9. Kumudini Trade Training School
Major Activities

Kumudini Handicrafts has been the Winner of the prestigious UNESCO Seal of Excellence for several years. The craft produced has a worldwide market. Kumudini Handicrafts participated in ISEND-WEFT 2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia under the theme “Waste to Wealth’.
In a developing country where women are often marginalised, the crusade of organising womenfolk into groups of skillful artists of traditional Nakshi embroidery has turned them into worthy income generators for their families.


Kumudini Handicrafts was established particularly for the rural women. The objective of starting this project was to make the rural women self-reliant, patronise the craft and culture of Bangladesh.

In 1971, soon after the Bangladesh War of Liberation, there were a large number of women who had lost the main earning member of their family in warand came to Kumudini for support. Rehabilitation of these women and their families became the commitment and this was also one of the major causes of starting the Handicraft unit at that particular time.

Kumudini Handicrafts has been in operation since the 1980s, offering products which epitomise the quintessential traditional heritage of Bengal, be it in the form of Nakshikantha or Jamdani. The objectives of Kumudini Handicrafts were simple: making women in Bangladesh self-reliant while meeting the fashion and the décor needs of the Bangladeshis. Consequently, an estimated 26,000 women from all over Bangladesh are benefitting from the activities of Kumudini Handicrafts.

Other than the Handicrafts division, Kumudini Trust also runs:


Kumudini Hospital started in 1938 as a 20-bed hospital. It is now a fully equipped 850 bedded General Hospital and giving treatment in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, ENT, Paediatric, Skin & VD, Psychiatry, Diabetics & Endocrinology, Physiotherapy, TB, etc. at highly subsidised rate to the poor patients. Each day about 1,000 patients pass through the outpatient.


Bharateswari Homes is residential higher secondary girl’s school is one of the largest residential girl’s school in the country having 1,200 student. Honesty, discipline and self-sufficiency are the main values that the students learn here. Students have to clean not only their own rooms but also the school itself. It has won many awards for its physical displays on various national and international events.


Kumudini Nursing School has a total strength of approx. 350 students at any given time. This institute provides free education and free food and lodging to the needy girls of the society.  Our nurses have high reputation and most of them are employed in different hospitals and clinics of the country.


It has been set up to upgrade the nursing profession. Girls are trained here to be qualified to work both at home and abroad. Poor girls are given chance of studying here free of cost. In return the girls after passing out have to give service to the hospital with pay. Their food is heavily subsidised.


It is a general university named after the founder of the Trust. At present its number of students is about 750.


It is a fully residential medical college running with great reputation. At present more than 850 students are studying here with a yearly intake of 110 students. Of the total students 50% are foreigners. Certain percent of the students are given free education.


Kumudini Dental Unit is an attached institution of Kumudini Women’s Medical College. The yearly intake here is 40 students.


Kumudini Trade Training School provides technical (vocational) training to poor boys in welding, electric, carpentry, plumbing, lathe machine operation, etc. Here students are not only given training free of cost but also given certain pocket money for their educational expenses. Boys passed from this school are working at home and abroad.

The broad objectives of Kumudini Handicrafts are :

  • To provide job opportunities to the rural women and develop a sustainable source of tradition based livelihood and thereby improve their living standard and also to provide education and health-care to their families.
  • To give proper training to the artisans so that their work may be of high quality and can be recognized in the national and international market.
  • To revive the rich heritage of handicrafts in Bangladesh.

In order to have more manpower and involve a larger number of people all over Bangladesh, Kumudini Handicraft works with different NGOs.

Its range of crafts include Nakshi Kantha, legendary Jamdani and other fine textiles, promotion of natural vegetable dyes, terracotta, ceramics, mats and basketry, wood and leather products among others.  It exports its products to different countries and participates in different International Fairs.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 86, Sirajuddowla Road, Narayanganj-1400, Bangladesh
Tel PABX: (+880-2) 7633545-46, 7635030
Fax (+880-2) 7635024

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