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Kutawato Arts Council
Basic Information
English Kutawato Arts Council
Local language
Country Philippines
Category General NGO
Domain Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Identification
Education and Training
Established year 1992
  • To promote and preserve the arts and culture of our place (Cotabato City)
  • To support cultural activities of our local government and tourism office
  • To conduct yearly activities related to arts and culture:
    a. Summer Art Workshops (April – May)
    b. National Arts Month (Feb)
    c. Araw ng Kutabato (June)
    d. Shariff Kabunsuan Festival (Dec)
  • To link / collaborate with other agencies (DOT, DTI, etc.), NGO’s of art clubs/councils within the region and others.

The Kutawato Arts Council was organized way back in the early 1990’s through the effort of the pioneering members like Mary Anne Camilo, Raquel Magalona, Father Dick Pommier, Wilfred Yee and Marlo Basco. A small group of Cotabateños whose love for arts and culture led to the formation of the council.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) sent a team to help organize the council with a training grant. Through the years we produced and supported various activities related to the preservation and promotion of arts and culture in the city and region.

The NCCA, local government unit (LGU) and UAP were our partners together with local support from some citizens. As time goes by, the council may have been limited in terms of active members but we see to it that annually, we conduct art workshops, exhibitions and showcase our culture.

Major Activities
  • Annual Summer Art Workshops for kids and teens (held every April and May)
  • NCCA funded grants:
    a. NCCA Arts Month Grant (4 times)
    b. NCCA with UAP research and exhibit projects:
    i. Modern Arkitektura
    ii. Islamic Architecture in the Philippines
    iii. American Period Architecture in Mindanao
    iv. Cinemalaya goes to Cotabato
  • Araw ng Kutabato
    a. Exhibit on Inaul: Fashion and Weaving
    b. Heritage Buildings of Cotabato City
    c. Photo Exhibit of Cotabato City Heritage
  • Shariff Kabusuan Festival
    a. Exhibit on Maguindanao Arts
    b. Evolution of Inaul Fashion
  • Pista Sintura: National Arts Month Activities with NCCA and partner schools
Contact Information (Organization)
Address 20 Rosales St. Cotabato City 9600
Tel +63 64 421 22 21, +63 64 421 3958
Fax +63 64 421 22 21

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