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Basic Information
English Kutumba
Local language
Country Nepal
Category Music Band
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Function Promotion
Established year 2004

Promoting and preserving the folk music and instrument that represent various Nepalese communities of Nepal.


Kutumba is a folk instrumental ensemble that is commited to the research, preservation and celebration of the diversity that exists in the indigineous Nepali music. Established as a band, Kutumba plays folk musical instruments of Nepal that were very popular in the past and are trying to preserve these musical instruments and folk music that reflects various communities of the country. The word ‘Kutumba’ holds a special meaning in Nepali language. Kutumba means having a unique bond amongst community members. As their name suggests, Kutumba is bringing together the traditional folk tunes and instruments that are to be extinct in a new and improvised way that are liked by today’s youth. The main motive behind doing this is to preserve the culture and art of various Nepalese communities.

The band comprises of six professional from Kathmandu and each of them play their own unique folk instrument. However, the band does not just promote these six folk instruments. Kutumba’s musical repertoire is based on more than 54 indigenous Nepali instruments many of which are rarely played today. Some of the instruments are Sarangi, Arbajo, Dhimay, Dholak, Basuri (Flute), Madal, Tungna, and so on. They have successfully preserved various traditional instruments and their own unique genre of music appeals to the people across generations. Unlike other bands, Kutumba is more close to the Nepali culture and traditions when it comes to creating music. They are inspired by the traditional Nepali folk music rather than western. Their music is rich in cultural sense of belonging and is peaceful and soothing.

Major Activities

Since the establishment of the band, Kutumba has been putting its efforts on the social causes. They represent our ancient folk instruments and songs and also are contributing on the social causes. They have been active part of the fund raisers as well as the community development projects. Through their musical talent, they have raised funds for flood disasters, for the awareness projects for different social institutions, raising fund during the 2016 earthquake.

Some of their tunes are MimireBhaka, Banjo Khet Ma, Kauda, Lekali, KaliloTamalai, Sagini, Holi Song, ReshamPhiriri, TamangSelo and Sal koPaat. They have released around three instrumental albums which are named as Forever Nepali Folk Instrumental (2004), NauloBihani (2006), Mithila (2009) and Utsarga (2010). They also play in various functions and events within and outside the country.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Dhaugal Bazaar, Lalitpur
Tel +977-9851058101

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