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Lacquerware Technology College
Basic Information
English Lacquerware Technology College
Local language
Country Myanmar
Category Research Institute Educational Institution
Domain Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1924
  • To safeguard the traditional art of making lacquerware items;
  • To disseminate the techniques of traditional lacquerware making improved by modern technology through scientific research;
  • To train skillful craftsmen in lacquerware making;
  • To improve and conduct research in traditional lacquerware making by using professional educational methods;
  • To form professional craftsmen in lacquerware making.

The Lacquerware College is situated in the ancient Bagan city, Nyaung Oo District, Mandalay Division. The college was established in 1924 as a school of traditional lacquerware. In 1995, it was upgraded to a lacquerware training center, and in 2003, to a lacquerware college. At first, there was only a three-year term. The college now offers the following:

One-Year Diploma in Lacquerware Technology

Two-Year Diploma in Lacquerware Technology

Two-Year Higher Lacquerware Training Course

Students who follow the two-year course can directly join universities and obtain a bachelor’s degree in economics after three years. They are also now able to join universities of cooperatives and obtain a bachelor’s of science.

Besides the training courses, the college also opened a lacquerware museum accessible to the public. The museum displays antique lacquerware from the twelfth to the twentieth centuries.

The research and development branch of the college conducts research and formulates new items of lacquerware. Colors, raw materials, and designs are tested to create new products.


Major Activities

The college takes responsibility for the safeguarding of traditional lacquerware making techniques by opening of successive training courses. As an educational activity, they opened the museum and educate all visitors in traditional lacquerware objects and techniques. In regard to research and new products, the college creates lacquerware plates, Myanmar harps, lacquer tables, gold lacquer paintings, lacquer partitions and various new designs.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Lacquer ware College, Bagan
Tel +956160267
Fax +956160267

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