Organization - Magna Kultura Foundation, Inc.

Magna Kultura Foundation, Inc.
Basic Information
English Magna Kultura Foundation, Inc.
Local language
Country Philippines
Category General NGO
Domain Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Function Education and Training
Established year 2003

Advocating Filipino culture. Keeping the Filipino spirit alive. Making it a reality in every Filipino. This is the Mission of Magna Kultura.

Strong understanding of our national culture is the key towards building a strong civil society. Magna Kultura Foundation develops educational and cultural programs designed to make Filipino citizens understand and appreciate the importance of our national culture.

Magna Kultura conducts art‐based and cultural programs in communities, and building the capacity of local citizens to sustain the same projects. Thus, the Foundation engages communities to create advocates and build an ecosystem for transformation.


Magna Kultura Foundation is an arts and cultural organization NGO implementing educational, cultural, and socio-civic programs at the grassroots of society; supporting civic groups and organizations with social entrepreneurial skills and capabilities to become fellow-advocates in promoting Philippine arts and culture, in order to promote patriotism.

Magna Kultura conducts educational and cultural programs in schools and communities. The programs are responsive to the needs of the community, by promoting educational projects that will enhance the quality of life in the community and the folks living around them.

The Foundation aims to provide access to quality and relevant alternative education programs through formal, non-formal and informal channels.  The organization develops educational, cultural and livelihood training among youth and adults, both privileged and under-privileged; customized training programs that are geared towards community development.

Magna Kultura works with local volunteers and citizens in implementing programs as a strategy to build capacity and ensure program continuity in urban and rural Philippines.

Major Activities

Magna Kultura Foundation conducts music, visual arts, film and theater arts projects, in order to enrich local citizens with alternative education and cultural programs.

On top of the art and cultural projects, Magna Kultura is currently advocating the revival of the Games of our Heritage: The Traditional Filipino Street Games. Believing that the Games are a cultural treasure, the Foundation is advocating the revival of the Filipino Games (i.e. “Larong Pinoy”) back in the mainstream of society amidst modern times.

The Foundation is the using the Larong Pinoy advocacy to promote

  • Patriotism (in a fun way)
  • Family Bonding, and
  • Community Togetherness

Through “play”, Magna Kultura engages fellow-Filipino to let them experience the Filipino Spirit. In a creative and fun way, Magna Kultura instills Patriotism; at the same time, make them realize that the games are Heritage Games played by their parents, their grandparents, and that these are truly Filipino games; making the new generation proud of a culture of play handed from generation to generation. Magna Kultura believes that the Games will make them proud to be part of the rich Filipino heritage.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Unit 1B Villa Fernandez 504 Marcos Street, Barangay Maytunas San Juan City, Metro-Manila Philippines 1500
Tel Landline Telephone No.: +63 2 514-5856 Mobile Cellular No.: +63 917 899 0025

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