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Mangistau Regional Museum of Local History
Basic Information
English Mangistau Regional Museum of Local History
Local language Маңғыстау облыстық тарихи-өлкетану музейі
Country Kazakhstan
Category Government Agency Museum
Domain Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1975

The purpose of the museum is to collect, record, store, study and promote the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the region.


The Mangistau Regional Museum of Local History is a cultural center that contributes to the cultural life of the region and the republic. The museum has a stationary exhibition consisting of halls of nature, archaeology, a general history, the history of the 20th century and modern history, the hall dedicated to the oil industry of Mangistau, a hall dedicated to the national writer A. Kekilbaev and an ethnography hall. Today, the museum has more than 58,000 storage units. They are based on collections of archaeological, pale-ontological, geological collections, herbariums of the local flora, as well as the pride of the museum – original products of Mangistau jewelers and decorations of the yurt. Collections of funds hold sets of documents of famous historical personalities and honored workers in the region.

Major Activities

In order to achieve its mission, the museum has major functions as follow;

  • Systematic replenishment of a museum collection by searching for historical, cultural, material and spiritual values, archaeological artifacts, natural, ethnic and other objects of museum value
  • Conducting scientific treatment, description, sampling, recording, and storage of the museum artifacts
  • Implementation of control over the storage and use of museum collections at the scientific level
  • Organizing and conducting various excursions, lectures, study groups, and cultural events
  • Creation of museum exhibitions in and outside the museum, organizing and holding of a stationary and mobile, exchange, joint exhibitions, as well as exhibitions-sales of products of folk craftsmen, exhibitions of works of art and decorative arts
  • Organization of scientific events and expeditions, scientific seminars and classes, conducting systematic research
  • Preparation and publication of scientific publications, catalogs, booklets, guidebooks, directories, albums, collections of scientific articles
  • Cooperation and holding joint events with scientific, cultural and other institutions, international and public organizations
  • Preparation and holding of scientific-theoretical and scientific-practical conferences, seminars on important issues of the history of Kazakhstan and museum
  • Conducting the research, organizing the exhibitions in Kazakhstan and abroad, supporting international scientific and practical relations in the field of museums
  • Providing a methodological assistance to state, school and public museums in the region

In addition, the museum has prepared and published books on various topics of ICH, including the catalogs “Varieties of tekemets“, “Wool for yurta decoration” and photo album “ Mangistau Jewelry Art”. In 2008, the museum took part in the preparation of the transnational nomination “Traditional knowledge and skills in making Kyrgyz and Kazakh yurts (Turkic nomadic dwellings)” and organized the filming of the video “Mangistau yurt”. The film shows details about how correctly and in what sequence the yurt is established and the manufacture of the elements of the yurt.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 23a, 9 microdisrtict, Aktau City, Mangistau Oblast, Kazakhstan
Tel +7 (7292)43 23 14
Fax +7 (7292) 42 71 96

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