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Mangystau State Historical and Cultural Reserve
Basic Information
English Mangystau State Historical and Cultural Reserve
Local language Маңғыстау мемлекеттік тарихи-мәдени қорығы
Country Kazakhstan
Category Government Agency Research Institute Museum
Domain Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1980

The main objective of the organization is to identify, study and ensure the preservation of immovable historical and cultural monuments, most of which are works of local traditional architecture and stone-cutting art found in the region, and the storage of associated museum objects and artifacts.

The second objective is to conduct educational activities, promote historical, tangible and intangible cultural heritage and to transmit knowledge on the history and culture of the region.


To preserve the unique historical, architectural monuments and natural landscapes of the Mangystau region, in 1980 the State Reserve Museum “Monuments of Mangyshlak and Ustyurt” was created under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. All the memorial monuments of folk architecture and stone-cutting art identified at that time in the region – single mausoleums and cemeteries, land and underground mosques and monuments of archeology and related areas of the landscape have been transferred to the Museum-reserve for the protection and conservation. Since 1992, the Museum-reserve was transferred to the Mangystau regional administration and renamed to the Mangystau State Historical and Cultural Reserve.

There are 5 operating departments within the Reserve: the department of funds, the department of registration and protection, the department of architecture, the department of archaeology and the mass excursion department.

Since 2007, a stationary museum exposition has been opened in two museum halls: the hall of archaeological monuments and the hall of monuments of folk architecture and stone-cutting art. The monuments are scattered throughout the region and most of the monuments are located in remote and inaccessible places and the possibilities of visiting them are limited. Therefore, museum exhibition, compiled on the basis of materials from the Reserve-museum funds accumulated during the period of its entire existence, plays an important role in acquainting the local population and guests with tangible and intangible heritage of Mangyshlak and Ustyurt.

Major Activities

The main activities of the Reserve are the identification, state registration, scientific study, certification of monuments, the organization of protective measures, control over conservation and restoration work, the assistance in archaeological research and control over its implementation. Up to date, over 13,000 objects of historical and cultural heritage have been researched and certified. 590 monuments taken under state protection, 20 of them have republican status. 700 additional sites of historical and cultural heritage have been added to the list of preregistration. 350 archaeological monuments have been identified and examined, these include residential complexes of the late Stone Age, religious and funeral structures of the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age, as well as the medieval settlements, fortresses, and caravansary located along the route of the Great Silk Road.

One of the important direction of activities of the Reserve-museum allots to popularization and promotion of cultural heritage and mass education activities among the population. For this purpose, the staff of the Reserve-museum prepare and hold thematic events of well-known local historians, ethnographers, archaeologists, researchers of other professions with pupils and students of various educational institutions.

The Reserve-museum constantly participates in the organization of an exchange and joint exhibitions with other museums and reserves in Kazakhstan and museums abroad; in the implementation of development programs of local tourism; in cultural heritage support charity events; in the fair-sales of folk craft wares organized by Mangystau Oblast Department of Culture; in holding traditional folk holidays and ethno-festivals.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 66, 3 microdisrtict, Aktau City, Kazakhstan
Tel +7 (7292) 50 41 75

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