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Mawar Budaya Dance Company
Basic Information
English Mawar Budaya Dance Company
Country Indonesia
Category Independence Traditional Dance Studio
Domain Performing Arts
Function Education and Training
Established year 1990
  • To introduce the national culture and heritage, especially from Betawi, to the younger generations, so that they become successors and preserve it;
  • To build pride and love for national culture and heritage among younger generations;
  • To introduce and promote Indonesia culture and heritage through traditional dance performances.

Established in 1990 for preserving Betawi dance as a hobby, Mawar Budaya has focused on introducing the Betawi dance to the younger generations and giving them the opportunity to perform in several occasions and events. Having earned several awards for best dancer and choreographer in Betawi dance, Mawar Budaya has expanded and gained a reputation as a traditional dance studio that represents Indonesia in several international events.

Major Activities
  • Conducting periodic workshops in traditional dance, especially Betawi, for the younger generation.
  • Building pride and love for national culture and heritage through traditional dance.
  • Performing traditional dances on the national and international stage to introduce and promote Indonesia.
Contact Information (Organization)
Website Facebookpage: Mawar Budaya
Address Jalan Rambutan No. 2, RT 011/RW 003, Utan Kayu Utara, Matraman
Tel OFFICE : +62218504619 / HP : +62818855191 , +62818 06736142
Fax +62 218504619
E-mail /

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