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Museum Batik Pekalongan
Basic Information
English Museum Batik Pekalongan
Local language Batik Museum
Country Indonesia
Category Museum
Domain Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Education and Training
Established year 2006
  • To preserve Indonesian batik culture;
  • To safeguard batik collections;
  • To educating to people about Indonesian batik culture.

UNESCO has acknowledged Indonesian Batik as World Intangible Heritage in 2009. Museum Batik is an institution that conserves this culture by taking care of batik collections, providing education, and holding batik workshops. There are more than 1,200 pieces of batik clothes to be taken care of and some are exhibited in several particular themes for the public to know more about the history, the development, and the importance of preserving batik culture. Museum Batik is the only museum in Indonesia that has been acknowledged by UNESCO for Safeguarding Practices, because of its program in batik practice. The workshop is not held only in the museum area; the museum holds batik education programs in various places, including several public spaces and institutions through the Museum Goes to School program. Museum Batik is located in Pekalongan City in Central Java, Indonesia. In 2015, this city became part of UNESCO’s Creative City Network for Traditional Craft and Folk Art.

Major Activities
  • Displaying batik collections from several areas of Indonesia.
  • Giving information about the collections and batik culture in Indonesia.
  • Hosting batik workshops for visitors.
  • Providing assistance and supporting materials for theses and research.
  • Safeguarding and preserving more than 1,200 batik items.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Jalan Jatayu No.1, Pekalongan – Jawa Tengah - Indonesia
Tel (+62 285) 431 698
Fax (+62 285) 423 221

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