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National Museum
Basic Information
English National Museum
Local language राष्ट्रिय संग्राहालय
Country Nepal
Category Museum
Domain Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Function Documentation
Established year 1928
  • Collect and preserve the available artifacts.
  • Provide informal educational assistance to school level as well as high school level children about museum and its artifacts.
  • Repatriate the stolen artifacts of Nepal and ensure they will be safeguarded in the museum premise.
  • Multipurpose museum; biographical, historical, etc.

The National Museum of Nepal is situated on the way to the Swayanbhunath hill. The museum is housed in a historical building built by General Bhimsen Thapa in early 19th century. The museum was initially named Chhauni Silkhana, literally meaning ‘the stone house of arms and ammunitions’, and is still popular by the name of Chhauni museum.

One of the most popular museums in Kathmandu, Chhauni museum has wonderful historical collections and is divided into three main historical collections, each housed in a separate building. These collections let the people/visitors relive the history. The museum was opened for public by the then Prime Minister Juddha Sumsher JBR in the year 1938. Not only Nepalese were allowed to visit inside the museum at very low charge but also a building for an art museum was raised that was named after the founder himself as Juddha Jatiya Kalashala.

The museum holds a great collection of items reflecting Nepali history and culture throughout the generations. It has various collections like doll collection, second century BC coins, stuffed animals and relics from the 1934 earthquake and Nepali weaponry. The visitors get to see how the Nepali weaponry looked

like in the past and through the different periods. One of the greatest attractions of the museum is the leather cannon that is related to the Tibetan war period that took place in 1792.

The National Museum of Nepal is a wonderful collection of Nepali history that has the relics of greatest earthquake in Nepal, religious artifacts on Buddhism and the weaponry used in Nepal during and before/after the wars. The museum opens daily from 9 am to 5 pm except on Sunday, Monday and holidays.

Major Activities

Functioning as one of the oldest museum of Nepal, National Museum provides briefing and guidance to the students and tourists visiting the museum premise. Functioning as a museum that is repatriating stolen artifacts of Nepal, the museum is also keeping records and documents of the stolen artifacts. They are working to secure the available artifacts of Nepal and ensuring that they will not be stolen or smuggled anywhere.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Chhauni, Kathmandu
Tel 977-1-4271478, 4271504.

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