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Nepal Academy
Basic Information
English Nepal Academy
Local language नेपाल प्रज्ञा प्रतिष्
Country Nepal
Category Government-Affiliated Organization
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1957

Nepal Academy was established with the aim of promoting and developing Nepalese language, culture, literature, art etc. The other objective of the Academy is to help in preparing the original and well researched works in various different subjects associated with the literature, language, philosophy, culture and social sciences. Academy aims to appreciate and to present awards to the scholars from native as well as from other countries in recognition to all the contribution made by them in the field of literature, language, philosophy, culture and social sciences. The other main objective of Nepal Academy is to maintain proper relation with other related international organizations. Academy also aims to promote pleasant environment in order to facilitate the works of both the organizations and the individuals who are devoted in such fields.


Nepal Academy firstly known as “Nepal Sahitya Kala Academy” was established in order to promote the glory of nation through the development in the fields such as culture, art, literature and knowledge. There are five major various departments in Nepal Academy which were established to study Nepal’s languages, culture and literature in order to conduct researches and studies in the field of philosophy and the social science to appreciate all the authors as well as the academicians of the nation to unite all the people in the creative and expressive works. In addition, these departments were also established with the intention of promoting both the national and international cultural and intellectual activities.

Major Activities

Nepal Academy has done various translation projects. The organization have done translation of various well known works of world literature into Nepali language and of Nepali literature into English as well as other international languages. Nepal Academy also organizes seminars, lectures, poetry recitations, talks and some other academic programs with the involvement of well-known poets scholars artists from Nepal and as well as other countries. This organization has conducted various programs inside as well as outside the Kathmandu valley. They have also started the work of installing the statues of well-renowned artists and scholars. Academy also grants fellowship once a year to native and foreign scholars for the purpose conducting different studies, researches in the field of Nepalese languages, culture, music, arts, crafts etc. Nepal Academy also has created various funds with the aim of supporting Nepali literature and culture.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Kamaladi, Kathmandu
Tel +977 01-4221283/ 4221241/ 4221242

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