Basic Information
Local language नेपाल परम्परागत हस्तकला प्रशिक्षण केन्द्र
Country Nepal
Category Educational Institution
Domain Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Education and Training
Established year 2006
  • To train traditional art and handicrafts of Nepal to the young generation.
  • To preserve and protect the traditional handicrafts of Nepal.

Traditional fine art and skilled handicrafts symbolize the religion, history, community and culture of the country. The old masters withheld knowledge, often not passing on their skills, leaving an adverse affect on cultural traditions. Leaving behind little research analysis of the ancient arts and crafts resulted in the creation of inappropriate replicas of original work. The Bouddha Bihar Sangha established an “arts and architecture” training program committee and school in 1996 to begin recovery and skill training of these works.In January, 2006, this training school was closed and a ten year master faculty member, Prachanda Shakya, supported by other masters, opened the newly formed “Nepal Traditional Handicraft Center”.

The centre at present doesn’t get any Govt funds and totally run on the support of the tuition fees of the students. The centre is undergoing a process of development as an advanced educational institution one step further into the future with the development of a resource center and library within the facility that collects and shares appropriate master research analysis for the archives returning the true meaning and representation of original art to Nepal.

Major Activities

The Center offers seminars, workshops and exhibitions on the development of traditional art. Counseling programs offered for students on marketing, career development and skill technology, research analysis and archive development. Alongside a 2 year degree program and 3 month workshops is provided with seminars to enhance the knowledge on traditional art and handicrafts. Accreditation from governing bodies selected under the Ministry of Education will be procured by the Nepal Traditional Handicraft Training Center for its full 2 year program. At present 2 year degree program is provides in five main subjects-

  1. Paubha (Thanka)
  2. Clay Sculpture
  3. Wood carving
  4. Metal Work (Repausee)
  5. Traditional Pattern

The centre also provides a platform to the young artisans for showcasing their talent in the handicraft gallery. They also organises national and international exhibitions and crates public awareness for the arts.

Counseling programs for the students are arranged to enhance their skills, marketing and career development will be offered by the masters.

The development of a resource center housing the national archival library will be setup containing photos, manuscripts, computers, printing equipment and books. Membership will be offered to the public and given free to full time students. Research activities focusing on the collection of data, photos and design with field trips to ancient structures, monasteries and temples will be offered in the new courses.

A quarterly on-line newsletter will be developed to highlight the student and master’s work, advanced technical ideas and designs and Training Center progress.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Nepal Traditional Handicraft Training Center Akhchheswor Mahabihar, Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel 0 977-1-5009078

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