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Paripurna Art Community
Basic Information
English Paripurna Art Community
Local language Sanggar Paripurna
Country Indonesia
Category Art Community
Domain Performing Arts
Function Education and Training
Established year 1990

Sanggar Paripurna was established as a center for the preservation, development, creation, and promotion of art and culture of Bali at both the national and international levels. In addition, it promotes the study of art and culture to support cultural tourism in Bali. As a conservationist culture, Sanggar Paripurna educates children from kindergarten to college-level in the art of dance, puppetry, and gamelan or music that is rooted in the traditional culture of Bali. Sanggar Paripurna probes reconstructed art, art that is almost extinct such as gambuh, traditional masks, wayang wong, line and rejang dewa gede. Sanggar Paripurna has created more than fifty types of dances, a colossal dance drama, dance choreographies, puppet shows, and music or gamelan pieces, among others.


Sanggar Paripurna was established on 1 April 1990 by multi-talented artists from the village of Bona, Blahbatuh, I Made Sidja. It covers various fields of art, such as puppetry, puppet art, music or gamelan, dance, performing arts, carving, and others. Sanggar Paripurna is further managed by the fourth son of I Made Sidja, I Made Sidja, SSP, M.Sn. and assisted by his younger brother I Wayan Sira, S.Sn. Currently, the studio has about four hundred members of all ages and professions. Sanggar Paripurna continues to evolve through a variety of creative and innovative works of art without ignoring the traditional values ​​of Balinese culture, as instilled by I Made Sidja. The work of Sidja together with Sanggar Paripurna has been featured at major events, locally, nationally, and internationally. Various performing arts in the country and abroad have staged Sidja and art galleries.

Major Activities

Sanggar Paripurna’s main activity is educating people from children to adults and teaching them to preserve art and culture through learning the art of puppetry, puppet art, music or percussion, dance, performing arts, art, carvings, and others.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Jalan Yudistira, Banjar Dana, Desa Bona, Kecamatan Blahbatuh, Kabupaten Gianyar, Provinsi Bali - Indonesia
Tel +361 953146

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