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Patan Museum
Basic Information
English Patan Museum
Local language पटन संग्राहालय
Country Nepal
Category Museum
Domain Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Identification
Established year 1997

The major objective of the museum is to interpret sacred art, culture and iconography of Hinduism and Buddhism through preservation and exhibition.

The Museum also aims to exhibit the richness of Newari culture and arts and make it as one of recognized and identified culture of the world.



Located in Patan Durbar Square, and built in seventeen century, Patan Museum takes its name from the temple in the center of the main courtyard and is best known for its beautiful façade framing the Golden door and window. The museum periphery has a long and important history as a palace of Malla Kings of Patan. The museum is the oldest fine art museum of Nepal displaying scared art of Nepal in an attractive architectural setting. The museum’s gilded door and window face one of the most beautiful squares in the world.

The Museum exhibits cover a long span of Nepal’s cultural history and some rare objects as its treasures. Their meaning and context within the living tradition of Hinduism and Buddhism are explained. The objects present in the museum are mostly made of cast bronzes, and gift copper repousse work and traditional crafts for which Patan has always been famous for.

The museum has the collection of more than 1100 artifacts of which some 200 were selected for permanent exhibition. The majority of exhibits are sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist deities created in the Kathmandu valley of which many in the nearby workshops of Patan itself while others originated in India, Tibet, and the Western Himalayas. They are accompanied by written commentary explaining their spiritual and art historical significance as part of the cultural heritage of Nepal. The exhibits are also designed to assist in interpreting the living culture that lies beyond the museum’s wall. The museum is also one of the very first self-sustaining museum of Nepal.


Major Activities

The main activity done by the museum is to exhibit the art that reflect Hinduism and Buddhism. They also provide school student focused tour so as to make the children understand about the arts and scriptures present in the museum periphery. Recently, they have also done Rato Machindranath art exhibition.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Patan
Tel 01-5531938

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