Organization - Public Foundation “Bio-Muras”

Public Foundation  “Bio-Muras”
Basic Information
English Public Foundation “Bio-Muras”
Local language «Био-Мурас»
Country Kyrgyzstan
Category General NGO
Domain Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Education and Training
Established year 2008

The main objective of the organization is to study the current state of agrobiodiversity, preservation, sustainable employment of biodiversity and research and to disseminate cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and innovative methods and approaches to sustainable employment of agrobiodiversity through seminars, training, conferences, and publication of research results.


The name of the Kyrgyz organization Bio-Muras can be translated from Russian as “Living Heritage.” The main objectives of the foundation’s activities include the following:  preservation and sustainable employment of agrobiodiversity; research and dissemination of traditional knowledge; development of the potential of local communities; and development, publication, and dissemination of scientific and educational publications.

Major Activities

The staff of the foundation are experienced in the implementation of regional and international projects. With the financial support of the Christensen Foundation, Bio-Muras carried out a number of such projects: “Preservation and Revitalization of Biocultural Heritage of the South of Kyrgyzstan” (2010-2011); “Batken Festival – Blossoming Apricot” (2012-2013); “Preservation of Biocultural Diversity for Development and Peace in the Region” (2014-2015); and “Conservation and Dissemination of the Diversity of Local Varieties of Crops through the Creation of a Network for the Exchange of Planting Material in Local Communities” (2015-2017). These projects were implemented in the remote Samarkandeks district of Batken province with the active involvement of local leaders, bearers of traditional knowledge, youth, and students.

During the implementation of the projects, the festival “Blooming Apricot” was organized. Such activities as the exhibition-fair “Batken Apricot,” a summer school for students, workshops, roundtables, ecological actions, agro-theaters, a school nursery, and seed plots were organized to enable the local community to develop its potential for maintaining biocultural diversity and traditional knowledge.

Joint work of the foundation’s employees was presented in a number of publications. The basis of the publications was the collected material on traditional knowledge and scientific-research development of scholars. Published materials of the foundation are prepared for local residents, especially young people in remote regions, who need knowledge and skills in making competent decisions in the field of agrobiodiversity management.

Since 2008, PF Bio-Muras has closely cooperated with the Slow Food International Association (Bra, Italy) and Slow Food Korea “AsiO Gusto.” In 2010, the Bio-Muras team became a member of the Slow Food Movement, creating the Bishkek-Muras Convivium in Kyrgyzstan.

Due to the activities of Slow Food and Terra Madre Network, Bio-Muras employees participated in the international events “Terra Madre & Salone Del Gusto 2012,” “Terra Madre & Salone Del Gusto 2014,” and “Terra Madre & Salone Del Gusto 2016” (Turin, Italy), as well as in “AsiO Gusto 2013” (Namyangju, South Korea), demonstrating the variety of dried apricot products of local communities of Batken and Issyk-Kul regions. At the end of July 2014, Bio-Muras organized the first regional Slow Food conference in Bishkek with the participation of representatives from Italy, Korea, and Central Asia.

The Bio-Muras Public Foundation also participated in a seminar on the mountain communities initiatives and in the International Congress of Ethnobiology (Bhutan, 2014).

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 23a, 9 microdisrtict, Aktau City, Mangistau Oblast, Kazakhstan
Tel + 996 (312) 311364

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